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Wake them up,dude!

The Matrix world is coming true!

Wake up or keep dreaming?

Choose to wake up: provide privacy computing power with Phala protocol


Almost all the 6th generation or newer Intel CPUs except high-end Xeon CPUs has SGX support.


The motherboard BIOS must support SGX. SGX is turned off by default and must be enabled via MSR.IA32_Feature_Control.SGX_Enable.

CPU miner only, Guaranteed by TEE

PHA for Matrix Mining!

70% of PHA to mine!

Phala will use 70% of PHA to encourage the growing of a trusted world by involving TEE miners, data contributors, and users into this war of privacy. This is called Matrix mining in the system.

A Gatekeeper must be 24-7 online to manage the keys for other miners, as all the data are encryptedly stored in our confidential smart contract.
A Gatekeeper packages new blocks in Phala Network and manages key distribution in the system. He needs to stake enough PHA to be recognized or to be nominated by one or more nominators who would stake enough PHA for him.

Miners provide computing power for the whole network and earn returns from it, as Phala’s confidential smart contrats run on TEE and TEE-equiped CPUs are essential to perform computation.

An “Online TEE Miner” refers to a TEE equipments that is online in Epoch. We identify one device as one miner. 

Computating TEE Miners refer to TEE miners who have actually participated in computation orders within an Epoch, and we will provide relatively rich rewards for them.

Phala Sintenel, DIY for miners

Phala Sintenel is made by Phala team for selfusing. We have built very few, if you want to order them, please fill the form!