Phala Team was founded. Being influenced by Cyberpunk Culture, we aimed to explore privacy protection technologies and decided to build a TEE network.


The pLIBRA project was initiated after the announcement of Libra. Phala Network's technical roadmap was decided after communicating with the Polkadot core team.


Web3 Foundation announced the grant to pLIBRA


Released the whitepaper "Phala Network: A Condential Smart Contract Network Based on Polkadot"


Phala.Network will finish the first round fundrasing and release the economic design and "The Blockchain Industry Empowerment Plan"


Phala Network will be launched right after the launch of Polkadot mainnet. Phala Network will be bridged to Libra testnet by pLIBRA.

2020 Q1

Will launch pLIBRA right after the launch of Libra mainnet. pLIBRA aims to become a top-5 Libra application.

2020 Q2

We plan to have the trading volume of pLIBRA exceeding 500 million dollars and have more than 5 categories of the confidentiality capability enabled dapps on Phala.Network.

2020 Q3

Phala.Network will become the universal trusted computing platform.