Phala Testnet Faucet

Experience hassle-free access to testnet tokens with our multi-chain faucet, designed to facilitate the use of Phat Contracts on the testnet networks we support.

What is the Phala Testnet Faucet?

A testnet faucet enables developers to receive free tokens that can be used to interact with Phat Contracts on testnets.

How do I use this?

To request funds, simply enter your wallet address and hit “Send Me ETH”. We support wallets as received addresses but not smart contracts.

How does it work?

You can request 0.02 Goerli ETH every 24h without any authentication. Then create a free Alchemy account to start building!

What if I run into any other issues, or have questions?

Join our Discord server to tap into the support of our dedicated core team and enthusiastic community members.


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