Khala Network
Parachain for Kusama
Canary for Phala

Khala Network's native token will be K-PHA, which can be swapped with ERC20-PHA and Phala native token PHA at a 1:1 rate.

  • 1KSM = 100PHA
    If Khala wins, Every KSM that supports Khala in the Kusama slot auction through the Crowdloan will be entitled to 100 PHA as rewards.
  • 15,000,000 PHA Rewards
    When the KSM in the Khala Kusama slot auction reaches 150,000, there is no more PHA that can be distributed to contributors.
  • Quick rewards available
    When Khala wins a slot and runs as parachain successfully, 34% of the PHA in the reward pool will be vested to contributors' addresses immediately.The remaining 66% will be vested monthly over 11 months.
  • Refferal Rewards
    If a Crowdloan participant invites an additional participant who makes an additional contribution, they will each receive an additional reward: an extra 0.5% on the additional contribution.(only for Crowdloan Dapp)

Contribute Khala in the

Kusama slots auction

Khala Network will join the Kusama slot auction when the second slot is released. Khala will bid for an 8-periods slot, which means Khala will lease the slot for 6*8=48 weeks.

How do I

Khala crowdfund slot lease using Kusama’s built-in crowdloan mechanism.



Learn how the Crowdloan works.


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Unbond your KSM

If your KSM are bonded, you will need to unbond your KSM at least 7 days before the Crowdloan start date.



When the Crowdloan starts, join the action on this website, Polkadot.js.