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Embrace the future of Web3 off-chain computation. Access the internet, boost performance, fully multichain, and ultimate data security, all with Phat Contract.

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Unlock Limitless Web3 Potential with Phat Contract

Enhance your smart contracts with limitless possibilities by accessing the internet, integrating with Web2 APIs, and harnessing the power of fast & powerful computation. Experience the ease of use, multichain support, and security in a decentralized network.

Internet Access

Bridge the Gap Between Web3 and Web2

Send HTTP/HTTPS requests directly from your smart contracts, enabling seamless integration with any Web2 APIs and unlocking a world of possibilities for your dApps.


Universal Compatibility Across EVM and Substrate Blockchains

Easily connect Phat Contract to your EVM or Substrate blockchains without the need for a bridge, expanding your smart contract's capabilities.

Fast & Powerful Computation

Zero Gas and Zero latency

Execute intense off-chain computations in real-time while bypassing transaction fees and network latency, enhancing your dApps' functionality and user experience with minimum cost.

Decentralized Network

Secure, Robust, and Trustworthy Infrastructure

Phat Contract runs on Phala Network, a web of 20,000+ secure enclave workers distributed globally, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your applications.

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Simplify Your Development Process with Our No-Code Tool

Phat Contract is designed with developers in mind, providing an effortless way to build and deploy off-chain computations without writing a single line of code. Our intuitive no-code developer console enables you to create oracles and other common use cases by leveraging predefined blueprints, allowing you to save time and focus on what truly matters.

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C H A R L Ξ S ⚛️🔆@charlesace_

Enters Phat Contract!

This is #Phala's flagship product that is deemed to revolutionize the blockchain space, especially as it relates to smart contracts. It is a novel programming model for Off-chain Computation, popularly called Fat Contract due to its robust features.


9:55 PM · Apr 16, 2023

The Scarlet Thread@TheScarletThr

By moving some computation offchain, these limitations or boundaries can be pushed. Phat Contract offers many rich benefits, for example supporting computation-intensive tasks in a more cost-effective and efficient way and serve low-latency real-time computation.

4:24 PM · Apr 19, 2023

Frequently asked questions

What benefits does Phat Contract offer over traditional smart contracts?
Phat Contract provides enhanced latency, database support, network access, and a wider variety of libraries, eliminating the need for centralized cloud solutions. It also offers hardware-based encryption for security promise, zero-latency and zero-gas fee interactions, and seamless integration with Web2 services as well as other blockchains.
How does Phat Contract differ from Web2 serverless services?
While Phat Contract shares similar functionalities, it boasts unique Web3 features such as enforced execution, a decentralized trustless infrastructure, easy integration with other blockchains, and an open contract ecosystem that promotes efficient development and application possibilities.
What programming language can I use with Phat Contract, and what libraries are available?
Phat Contract supports the Rust-based ink! language, allowing you to utilize a wide range of no_std supported libraries. Future updates will include std support, granting access to an even broader selection of libraries for greater flexibility.
Can I trust Phat Contract with my sensitive data?
Yes! Phat Contract employs hardware-based encryption throughout its lifecycle to ensure your data is secure and tamper resistance. Rather than requiring trust in the Phala team, you can rely on the robust code and Secure-Enclave-based hardware for data processing.

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