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Phala Network & FLock Announce Partnership to Democratize AI

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between Phala Network and, two innovative pioneers in the area of decentralized AI.

At Phala Network, we are committed to revolutionizing the web3 landscape. Phala Network is a key player in the AI-Agent economy due to its five critical features:

  • Decentralized network capable of supporting complex computations
  • Integration of smart contracts with large language models (LLMs) for real-time blockchain interaction
  • Support for leading LLMs, enabling autonomous multi-agent collaboration
  • Ensuring data confidentiality through Trusted Execution Environments.

FLock is a unique platform integrating on-chain decentralized machine learning to offer a secure solution for community-governed fine-tuning and inferencing AI models. Leveraging the combined strengths of blockchain and AI, it provides a powerful environment for large datasets.

The joined Approach - Democratising AI Creation seeks to decentralize training and value alignment. It ensures that AI objectives match the public’s ethics and societal aims, decision-making falls to communities, and usefulness is a top priority.

To FLock, the centralisation problem is that corporations’ values and biases are amplified on a global scale. They determine access, and their value alignment often downgrades model performance.

FLock knocks down barriers impeding participation. It allows developers to provide models, data, or compute in a modular way. The result: a plethora of fit-for-purpose models created by, for, and under the stewardship of the communities.

Its incentivised platform democratises AI agent training, fine-tuning and inferencing. It halts user data collection, and enables equitable distribution of rewards and widespread governance.

FLock is working on becoming the provider of ML models in web3 to improve ML models through user contributions and feedback. This ML marketplace is modular and can be plugged into any decentralized hosting network such as Phala Network. This will lead to making its models more accessible to any dapps and improving their performance.

Phala Network offers a specialized blockchain infrastructure that addresses the blockspace needs of AI agents.

The synergy between smart contracts and large language models (LLMs) opens new avenues for liquidity and monetization in the AI sector, potentially revolutionizing the industry. This integration allows for the creation of more intelligent, responsive AI agents that can interact with the blockchain in real-time, unlocking innovative applications and services.

The Use Case - LLM/ML services within AI Agent Contracts

By integrating FLock’s future ML services into Phala’s AI Agent Contract, builders are able to make use of both services combined.

Together, FLock and Phala will be able to provide the revolutionary concept of LLM-fi, which aims to monetize LLMs through a process driven by community-based API aggregation.

This pioneering approach has the potential to completely change the landscape of artificial intelligence. By putting the power of AI into the hands of the community, it democratizes access to this cutting-edge technology, ensuring that it's not just the privileged few who can benefit from its capabilities.

This model also paves the way for ethical use and monetization of AI, by providing a platform where AI solutions can be shared and rewarded, rather than hoarded and exploited.

Ultimately, this partnership sets new standards in AI accessibility and performance. By running FLock’s inferences in a privacy preserving way on Phala’s TEE based worker nodes. FLock’s model training platform provides fine-tuning of performative small LLMs, while Phala provides confidential computing to serve those models.

Together, both teams are pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible and opening up a world of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

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