Phala Reached Partnership With SaaS3, PhalaWorld Released Short Term Roadmap | Phala Weekly Vol. 116


Khala/Phala Computing Providers Report

Phala StakePool V2 & Vault on-chain upgrade has been enabled, all computing-related functions are restricted so we won’t be able to provide statistics this week.

Khala Democracy Governance

Khala’s treasury has accumulated 37.82M PHA.

  1. Democracy referendum
    • #77: This referendum comes from the technical committee. The proposal proposes to upgrade Khala Runtime v1205, fix Vault-related issues, perform PhalaWorld repair and migration.
    • #78: This motion will trigger a v1206 runtime upgrade to fix bugs.
  1. Treasury proposal
    • #51: The purpose of this proposal is to facilitate the continued advancement of Phala Network. The requested funds will be specifically used to expand Phala’s community and finance Phala’s ambassador program.
    • #50: The purpose of this proposal is for liquidity provision to increase $PHA’s DeFi use cases on Astar, facilitate the liquidity demand, and maximize the synergies between Polkadot parachains via XCM.

Dev Updates


  1. Phat Contract
    • Automation experiment in QuickJS.
    • Internal roadmap updated.
  1. Phat ecosystem projects
    • PrivaDEX
      • Cross-chain DEX aggregator on Phat Contract.
      • Received a W3F grant.
      • Won the Polkadot winter hackathon.
    • Paraxiom
      • Modular oracle infrastructure on Polkadot.
  1. Computing power supply
    • Overflow and claimable reward bug fix applied (v1206 runtime).
    • Vault #3474 reopened.
  1. SubBridge
    • Sygma M2 started: MPC sig, fee handler, E2E test.

Work in progress

  1. Phala APP
    • SGX DCAP productionalize.
  1. Computing power supply
    • pRuntime fast sync merged; waiting for Solo and PRB integration.
    • Khala and Phala app for Ledger hardware wallet submitted to Ledger Live for review.

Community & Ecosystem


Product Progress

  1. Continue the development of custom NFT.
  1. The marketplace is under development.
  1. Hatching will happen next week.
  1. The team will show the “burning” of Shell NFT.

Operation & Marketing

  1. PhalaWorld released a short-term (2023 Q1) roadmap, introducing the first version of the functions that will be launched after the opening of Marketplace.

Activities & News

  1. Phala has reached a partnership with SaaS3Lab. Through this collaboration, SaaS3 will be able to improve its oracle service performance and security by leveraging Phat Contract’s powerful off-chain computation features.
  1. On January 11th, Phala and Friends invited Zondax to discuss how to safely store tokens in the Twitter Space.
  1. Phala’s daily active users this week rank among the top three in the Polkadot ecosystem!

🪧 Coming up

  1. On January 20th, Phala’s Dev Advocate Josh was invited to participate in the Swanky Panell to discuss the future prospects of WASM smart contracts on Polkadot.
  1. On January 25th, Phala Network will hold Web3 Cloud Transformation — DCloud round table by Phala Network on the Crowdcast channel jointly with Protocol Labs and Bundlr. Stay tuned on Twitter for more info.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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