Phat Contract 2.0 Use Cases: D_D Hackathon Recap



In our recent hackathon, we zeroed in on LensAPI Oracle and Phat Contract 2.0, revealing new applications and refining their functionalities. We enhanced product visibility, showcased their capabilities, and gathered vital feedback for improvement. With a substantial prize pool of over $10k, discover the impressive progress, intricacies and outcomes in this recap. Submissions showed the versatility of Phat Contract 2.0 functionality with use cases in Dynamic NFTs, Web3 Social, Oracles, OTP, and much more!

Hackathon Details

  1. LensAPI Oracle Challenge:
    • Date: 24th-27th August 2023
    • Venue: Remote
    • Technology utilised: LensAPI Oracle
    • Goal: deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle to leverage the limited set of stats from these to create a unique dApp.
    • Number of participants: 13
    • Number of submissions: 13
    • Number of winners: 4
    • Prizes: $2000 USD in PHA and Phala swag

  1. Phat Functions Hack:
    • Date: 7th-12th September 2023
    • Venue: Remote
    • Technology utilised: Phat Contract 2.0
    • Number of participants: 17
    • Number of submissions: 17
    • Number of winners: 9
    • Prizes: $11k USD in PHA and Phala Swag

Technology Used:

  1. LensAPI Oracle: A customizable web3 oracle tailored for the Lens API, providing developers with the capability to implement a programmable oracle using JavaScript. This is the first template implemented for Phat Contract 2.0. During the LensAPI Oracle Challenge, the LensAPI Oracle had limitations that have since been refactored to enable developers to have full control of how to interact with the Lens API.

  1. Phat Contract 2.0: Empowers developers to deploy a fully customizable off-chain program written in JavaScript. Additionally, it facilitates the rapid deployment of cross-chain dApps via the command line, offering connectivity to a majority of EVM-compatible chains.

Why Partner with Developer DAO?

  • Very well organized.
  • Every 2 weeks they host hackathons so have very tight community.
  • Their conversion rate is very high so we can attract very high quality developers.
  • To find the best devs to build PC.

Hackathon Part I: LensAPI Oracle Challenge


The purpose of this hackathon centered around unveiling the capabilities of the LensAPI Oracle, as well as delving into its potential applications in rewarding social media users and fostering engaging experiences. To achieve this, the LensAPI Oracle provided a low-code/no-code experience, facilitating the integration of Lens Profile statistics with Consumer Smart Contracts on Polygon and offering a streamlined solution, albeit with intentional limitations.

Developers were restricted to seven specific data points, a constraint that not only encouraged innovation within boundaries but also ensured a level playing field for all participants. Despite these constraints, the ability to write JavaScript for data manipulation was retained, introducing a degree of flexibility and customization to the development process. This approach effectively balanced accessibility, creativity, and equity among participants. For a comprehensive overview of the entire hack, you can refer to the detailed documentation available here.

Highlights and Key Moments:

  1. Workshop: Monetize Social Graph within 15 Minutes
  2. Josh and Billy kicked off the LensAPI Oracle challenge with a comprehensive workshop. During this session, Josh demonstrated how Phala's LensAPI Oracle can reward Lens users with distinctive NFTs using statistics sourced from the LensAPI Oracle. Further details are available here.

  1. Treasure hunt: Combine Web3 Social On-Chain Stats and Gaming
  2. Josh showcased the LensAPI Oracle's capabilities with his 'Lens Treasure Hunt,' a game where participants discovered hidden gold in profiles, demonstrating real-time data fetching and modification from the Lens API, and value transmission to a Polygon contract. This practical example not only sparked developer creativity, leading to a variety of applications using Lens Profile stats, but also prompted an innovation workshop on building a dApp for the Lens Treasure Hunt. To delve deeper, check out Josh’s blog and the workshop overview.

  1. Announcement:
  2. Winners took the spotlight at the X Space event, where we celebrated their exceptional creativity and excellence. Tune in to relive the celebration here.


  • 🥇1st place Web3 Social + Gaming: Lens Phite: An on-chain game where two opponents compete and win by outscoring based on their Lens profile stats. Data is sourced from the LensAPI Oracle, with a consumer contract on Polygon-Mumbai.
  • 🥈2nd place DAO Governance: Just Roles: A project offering on-chain verifiable roles using the Lens Protocol followers. Users can forge their communities, defining roles for varying follower thresholds like 0-100. The LensAPI Oracle is harnessed to fetch trustworthy data from the API. Plus, users have the flexibility to introduce new roles post-contract deployment and modify the current ones.
  • 🥉3rd place NFT Story Telling: Lens Tell: Transform your Lens profile data into tales with a simple ID input. The magic ball spins a narrative and mints a character-infused NFT. Pure storytelling, no analytics. The LensAPI Oracle drives this, pulling data from Lens and integrating with Mumbai network, showcasing Phala's decentralized magic.
  • 🥉3rd place Dynamic NFT: Poke Lens: Engage in a game where your Lens profile metrics shape your NFT reward. After a Pokémon category quiz, your follower count and activity levels influence your NFT's evolution, all seamlessly integrated by the LensAPI Oracle for a captivating experience.

Part II: Phat Contract 2.0 Hackathon


Phat Contract 2.0, represented a significant leap in the Phat Contract experience. This iteration allowed for a fully customizable experience through TypeScript/JavaScript, overcoming the limitations set by the LensAPI Oracle in the previous version.

Although this was a pre-release, developers unleashed their creativity, producing a range of innovative projects within just a week. All testament to the success and versatility of Phat Contract 2.0.

Highlights and Key Moments:

  1. Phat Contract Starter Kit:
  2. Developer feedback led to significant developer experience improvements and the creation of the Phat Contract Starter Kit. A comprehensive tool for easily connecting any API to smart contracts on all EVM-compatible blockchains. This innovation streamlines development, facilitating robust dApp creation for future developers.

  1. Workshop: Build an NFT-Powered Sportsbook on Phala Network
  2. To introduce developers to an enhanced development experience, we designed a workshop guiding them through deployment using our Phat Contract Starter Kit.

    The workshop detailed the local testing and deployment process for both testnet and mainnet, utilizing our new CLI tool (@phala/fn), which allows developers to test JavaScript scripts locally against a Hardhat instance, significantly accelerating development.

    Additionally, we showcased proof of concepts including Nestable Multi-Asset NFTs based on the RMRK standard (ERC-5773), a Telegram bot, off-chain storage solutions, and connections to multiple APIs.


Phattest Submissions

  • SafeShift: A content-sharing platform on the Lens social graph, it harnesses Phala network and Phat contracts to pre-scan and auto-revert any NSFW content, ensuring a safer online space.
  • Phat OTP - An on-chain OTP contract sending codes to XMTP inboxes, with the latest OTP overriding previous within a 5-minute window.

Phatter Submissions

  • Phala Flex: A smart contract interface using TOTP for identity checks, it validates OTPs off-chain via apps like Authy or Google Authenticator.
  • Lens Phite v2 - An on-chain game where Lens Profile Stats determine scores; match results notify winners, with character nature and attacks providing advantages. Winners mint or update dynamic NFTs based on outcomes.

Phat Submissions

  • Phat Strategy: A two-player on-chain game using Karma3 API; bet Matics, assign Lens profileIds, and higher scores or strategic reversals determine the winner.
  • SkyBet: A betting platform where users stake $SKY Tokens, predict cryptocurrency price movements, and win pooled rewards based on outcomes.
  • Off-chain NFT Passport: A digital ledger for travelers to log and display their journeys, with future features set to validate trips using photos and airline tickets.

Top Blogs

Top Videos

  • Safe Shift - Umang Patel @umangpatel31 Sahil Kakwani @somewhatsahil

Feedback and Testimonials

The testimonials provided below have been randomly selected from participants who took part in one or both segments of our hackathon:

  1. “Based on my previous projects I’d say i loved the way phala handled off-chain capabilities. To me, its better than vanilla oracles like chainlink.”
  1. “one of the best things i liked about the phala hackathon is their developer support.”
  1. “Phala made integrating external APIs and verify data on chain a hundred times easier. I was previously using chainlink services for the same purpose”
  1. “The team is so supportive and friendly. Whenever I met problems, I can find help from Phala quickly. And the Phata network itselfe also provides me a great experience to integrate onchain&offchain services”
  1. “The way you have and the team handled the whole hackathon was really commendable. Loved the whole energy throughout the hackathon.”

Insights & Progression


We express our gratitude for the developer feedback that has played a crucial role in refining Phat Contract, improving the developer experience, and driving our ecosystem’s progression. This feedback has strengthened our connection with the developer community, fueling our commitment to nurturing creative talents and encouraging continuous product improvement.

Next steps:

In December, we’ll reconnect with hackathon participants to discuss their development and plans, continuing to foster talent and innovation on the Phala Network.

The Builders Program is available for developers eager for deeper involvement, offering funding, guidance, and opportunities to enhance Phat Contract’s functionalities, open to all regardless of hackathon participation.

Additionally, we invite you to participate in the Polygon DevX Americas Hackathon, featuring a $10,000 prize pool and opportunities to develop decentralized applications on Phala using our Phat Contract Starter Kit.


The hackathon stood out due to developers' perseverance and creativity, particularly when dealing with Alpha releases and bugs. Their exclusive use of Phala’s products and innovative approaches to projects demonstrated unique dedication. This engagement streamlined the process amid numerous options, provided vital feedback for Phat Contract 2.0, and highlighted the benefits of involving dedicated developer communities with early product versions, enhancing Phala's offerings.

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