PRuntime v2.1.0 Release



  • Upgraded SubXT to 0.28 and Polkadot to v0.9.43.
  • Introduced pink runtime 1.1 and upgraded pink-extension-runtime to 0.4.4.
  • Added support for batch HTTP requests, query signed in EIP-712, and configurable RA timeout and retries.
  • Enabled trust-dns as resolver for outgoing HTTP.


  • Resolved issues causing infinite restarts, memory leaks in logging, HTTP ABI incompatibility, and sidevm restart stucks.

Other Changes

  • Increased brk max size to 256M in pruntime and storage value limit to 1MB in pink.
  • Merged deposit() and contract call() into a single call in pink-runtime.
  • Introduced a safe handover feature and made parallelism for query in pruntime configurable.

What's Changed

  • pruntime: Don't call mallinfo on non-gnu targets by @kvinwang in #1290
  • pink-runtime(internel): Merge deposit() and contract call() into a single call by @kvinwang in #1333
  • pruntime: Fix crash due to HTTP ABI incompatibility (bug not exists in 2.0.1) by @kvinwang in #1344
  • Safe handover (Don't load system state in --safe-mode-level=2) by @kvinwang in #1360
  • pruntime: Enable trust-dns as resolver for outgoing http by @kvinwang in #1367

Full Changelog: pruntime-v2.0.1...pruntime-v2.1.0

Thanks to @jasl and @kvinwang for their contributions.

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