Phala Builders Program Is Accepting Applications Now


Providing funding and support for projects building with Phat Contract!

Phala Network’s mission is to build a cloud computing solution that combines the trustless and decentralized aspects of on-chain computing with the efficiency and power of off-chain clouds. After years of development, this dream has come to life in the form of Phat Contract, Phala’s Rust-based SDK that allows Web3 builders to utilize our distributed compute cloud.

Now, Phala is ready to take the next step in expanding our ecosystem by supporting developers who seek to break free from the constraints of on-chain computing while staying true to the blockchain ethos of building on trustless, decentralized systems.

To that end, we are announcing the immediate launch of the Phala Builders Program!

The Phala Builders Program will fund and support teams building innovative projects that deploy on Phat Contract’s compute service. Given Phat Contract’s extreme customizability and cross-chain compatibility, we encourage projects from any ecosystem to apply.

Your project will be suitable for the Builders Program if:

  • You demonstrate a solid understanding of Phat Contract and can describe in detail how it will be incorporated into your project
  • Grant funds will be used to achieve defined development milestones up to the launch of a finished product
  • In the course of your work with the Builders Program, you will make contributions to the Phat Contract platform itself

We are excited to see what use cases for Phat Contract the Web3 world will dream up, here are a few areas we would love to see submissions in:

  • DeFi: Phat Contract opens up a new world of possibilities for smart contract automation, DEX aggregators, data monitoring, and bridging, to name a few.
  • Web3 Middleware: Phat Contract can be thought of as a dApp for dApps. It brings a whole new dimension to the Web3 backend suite, and can enable a variety of use cases including attestation verification, key management, oracle services, file encryption and external storage, and off-chain rollups to enable chain-agnostic integrations.
  • NFTs: Traditionally, NFT collections have relied heavily on centralized web services to facilitate a variety of services, including minting processes and metadata hosting. Phat Contract enables these services to be executed in a trustless, decentralized manner without sacrificing performance.

What the Builders Program offers

The Phala Builders Program brings a wide breadth of value to successful applicants. Once accepted to the program, you will receive:

  • Funding: Up to $50,000 USD equivalent in PHA token
  • Technical Support: The Phala developer team will work closely with you to ensure the smooth development of your project, especially with regard to the Phat Contract
  • Marketing and BD collaborations: Phala will help promote your project and assist in forming partnerships

Your team will have an open channel with Phala to seek assistance, ask questions, and collaborate in any area. It’s important to note that the Builders Program doesn’t have to be your only source of support, it complements external grants, accelerators, and incubators that bring additional resources to your project.

If you are building a new dApp and you are looking for a new kind of cloud computing solution, we would be happy to hear from you. We will support your project from day one until it’s launched. The Builders Program will have limited slots and accept applications on a rolling basis. It’s important to note that as Phat Contract and the Phala Ecosystem continue to evolve, so too will the Builders Program and Phala’s broader developer incentivization platform. Stay tuned for updates!

You can learn more about the Builders Program and how to apply here.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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