Phala Will Attend NBX Conference In Berlin, PhalaWorld Started Energy Boost Campaign | Phala Weekly Vol. 108


Khala/Phala Computing Providers Report

Khala Democracy Governance

Khala’s treasury has accumulated 31.45M PHA. No new proposal this week.

Dev Updates


  1. Phat Contract
    • Overall progress 37/41.
    • Kickstarted Substrate Offchain Rollup.
    • New workshop design for Sub0.
    • Started Swanky and devphase integration.
  1. SubBridge
    • Sygma pallet skeleton.
    • StakePool v2 NFT initial design.
  1. Blockchain
    • Released Kusama block justification issue follow-up.

Work in progress

  1. Phat Contract
    • Ledger Hardware Wallet support internal test.
  1. Phala APP
    • StakePoolv2 & Vault: add migration and benchmark.

Community & Ecosystem


Product Progress

  1. Continue the development of custom NFT.
  1. The web UI development is completed.
  1. The Spirit leaderboard and Referral system are added.
  1. The marketplace is under development

Operation & Marketing

  1. Shell mint has ended.
  1. Participate in the Energy Boost Campaign and complete fun tasks to earn Energy points before incubation starts!

Activities & News

  1. On November 11th–17th, Phala sponsored Unblock — the Web3 Hackathon.
  1. On November 17th, Phala and Friends held a special edition panel discussion, inviting Polkadot DeFi projects Equilibrium, Astar Network, Bifrost ,and SubWallet to discuss how to better utilize Dotsama assets.

🪧 Coming up

  1. On November 23rd–24th, VP of Growth Zoe will speak at the NBX Conference in Berlin.
  1. On November 28th–29th, developer advocate Josh will speak at the Sub0 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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