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Supercharging Web3 Audio & Video Communication: Phala & Huddle01 Join Forces


Phala Network, a leading computation infrastructure platform, has joined forces with Huddle01. A composable media infrastructure, that enables cross-chain audio and video communication between users, including Lens Social Graph Login & Token-gating.

This partnership aims to bring better security and more composability to the Huddle01 platform, powered by Phat Contract 2.0. With this integration, more than 14.000 new users will be introduced to Phat Contract.

Phala Network enables developers to supercharge their smart contracts by leveraging its decentralized compute cloud via Phala’s off-chain programming model, Phat Contract. Following the recent release of Phat Contract 2.0, Phala unveiled new features tailored for EVM development. Providing limitless capabilities with a JavaScript SDK and seamless verifiable connections across any API, smart contract, and blockchain.

Advancing Web3 Live Audio & Visual Experiences

Huddle01 is on a mission to democratize WebRTC by building the 1st decentralized real-time communication network, paving the way for open, reliable and secure real-time communication.

Huddle01's current suite of developer-friendly SDKs enable high-quality live audio/video experiences for apps with just a quick plug in.

Huddle01 also has a Video Meet & Audio Spaces app built on its very own media infrastructure that powers wallet-to-wallet voice and video communication with additional features like token-gating, multi-streaming, recording and more coming soon.

Use Case: Airdrop Tokens To Meeting Participants

The teams at Phala and Huddle01 have collaboratively engineered a sophisticated web3 oracle, tailored for programmability, which seamlessly integrates Huddle01's meeting data with any EVM based blockchain.

This innovative application extends to various use cases, including the ability to conduct airdrops of ERC-20 tokens to event participants. Notably, these airdrops can be executed on any chain compatible with EVM, or alternatively, they can be distributed in the form of NFTs.

Here’s a glimpse into its potential functionality: rewarding regulars, unlocking exclusive content, and providing VIP NFT access, all while enhancing networking, sustaining post-event engagement, and spotlighting creativity. Additionally, it enables tokenized feedback, enriches sponsor interactions, and creates lasting NFT mementos.

The developed use case, leveraging Phala’s Phat Contract 2.0, brings following highlights to the Huddl01 platform:

1) Verifiable and Decentralized Proofs: every Airdrop is running on decentralized infrastructure that requires no operations and can be easily verified.

2) Support Private Data: The use case is protected by cryptography and secure hardware.

3) Easy Customization: templates with ~20 lines of Solidity and ~30 lines of Typescript are used.

4) No Fees: No payment is required from Huddle01 users due to a pre-recharged account to cover any gas fees.

Driving Innovation Within The Lens Ecosystem & Beyond

Both teams express their feedback about the developed use case and joint partnership. Ramit Aggarwal, Lead Product Manager at Huddle01, says: "Phat Contract's seamless compatibility across EVM allows a cross chain platform like Huddle01 to build an incentive mechanism which includes users from every chain. Off chain computation makes sure that complex logic can be executed at a faster pace as compared to on chain computation"

Dr. Shelven, the lead researcher and product lead of Phat Contract at Phala Network, summarizes the partner use case as follows: “By introducing Phat Contract as the reward distributor, it makes the airdrop fair, verifiable and easy-to-customize. This further allows Huddle01 users to turn their social graph to real value in a decentralized way”.

What's Next? Join us Online to Learn & Connect

This partnership underscores both companies' dedication to innovation, data security, and user privacy. Together, Phala and Huddle01 will set new industry standards for secure, private, and collaborative digital workspaces within the Lens Ecosystem and beyond.

To learn more about this use case, you can rewatch our launch events below. We discussed technical details about the Phat Contract 2.0 upgrade and the technical motivations behind the Huddle01 and Phala use case.

About Huddle01

Huddle01 is building the first decentralized real-time communication network. Developers can leverage their suite of developer-friendly SDKs to enable powerful audio/video experiences on  Dapp with just a quick plug in.

Huddle01’s mission is to connect 100 million people over their platform by 2026 so everyone in the internet can access and benefit from decentralized communication.

More info is available here.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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