Phala Monthly Newsletter: October 2023


Top News: Phat Contract 2.0 Launch

Phat Contract hit a major milestone with the launch of version 2.0! This upgrade brings an advanced JavaScript support and seamless integrations across APIs, smart contracts, and blockchains.

Expanding beyond the Substrate framework, it now also embraces EVM developers, pushing the limits of dApp development and smart contract connectivity.

Version 2.0 is not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer. It builds on the solid foundation of 1.0 and opens doors to exciting, novel applications in the blockchain space.

Dive into the transformative features of Phat Contract 2.0 in our launch article. It's a big leap forward!

A Trio of Strategic Alliances

Phat Contract 2.0 marked a new era not just in our tech stack but also in our collaborative efforts. We're proud to announce three partnerships, each revolutionizing their domain with Phat Contract’s 2.0 upgrade:

1) ZURF: a trailblazer in the web3 social landscape, is using Phat Contract 2.0 to power its social monetization engine, Wav3s, enhancing its payment processing capabilities and allowing users to earn from social interactions.

2) Huddle01: is adopting Phat Contract 2.0 to secure and innovate Web3 communications. By token-gating conversations, they're setting a new standard for privacy and community engagement. 3) Airstack: is leveraging our technology to unify on-chain and off-chain data, streamlining the developer experience in creating dApps with complex data needs.

Eager to learn more about these partnerships? Read our Zurf, Huddle and Airstack partnership articles.

Phat Contract 2.0 Launch Event Highlights

Event 1: Upgrading Your Web3 Social dApp

We proudly presented our new partners to our community. As well as how Phat Contract 2.0 plays a crucial role in supercharging their dApps.

Event 2: How to Innovate Web3 Social with TypeScript

Our follow-up event showcased Phat Contract 2.0’s new features through a live demo. It built on the foundation laid in our first launch event, deepening the audience's understanding of how the 2.0 upgrade supercharges partner dApps from ZURF, Huddle01, and Airstack.

Product Updates

Phat Contract Starter Kit

We launched the Phat Contract Starter Kit. A one-stop solution to connect any API to your smart contract. It offers wide-ranging support for all EVM-compatible blockchains, including but not limited to Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, and zkSync. Read more here.

Phat Bricks UI Revamp

We redesigned our Phat Bricks UI dashboard. It now features "one-click" deployment, integrated wallet tools, balance checks, and a self-check function alongside an improved SDK experience. These enhancements are aimed at simplifying the user journey and streamlining the deployment process, providing our users with a robust set of tools to manage their interactions within the Phala ecosystem efficiently.

Tooling for Build with Phat Contract

When Phat Contract launched on mainnet, we already had a JS-SDK available for developers to integrate with Phat Contract more easily. In addition, there are community-driven toolkits like devPHAse and a plugin for the wasm development tool Swanky Suite that make it easy to create a Phat Contract development environment on your local machine.

We bring have brought additional tooling since the Phat Contract 2.0 launch:

  • @phala/fn, the CLI tool that help you work around with JavaScript/TypeScript based Phat Contract.
  • @phala/solidity, the Solidity SDK you need when integrating Phat Contract with your Solidity based Smart Contract.

At the same time, our JS-SDK is continuously evolving. We refining each part of its tech stack every day and you can keep an eye on our changelog and keep tracking of that.



The DevX Global Tour Americas Hackathon has wrapped up. As one of the sponsors, we're now processing the results for hackers who deployed an off-chain program on Phala mainnet for a chance to win prizes from our $10,000 prize pool. We can't wait to reveal the findings to our community! See Hackathon details here.

As Phala Network is a proud hackathon sponsor, The Polkadot Hackathon in Vietnam announcement was another highlight. Developers were invited to leverage Polkadot's tech stacks and compete for impressive prizes. This hackathon is ongoing and you can read more here.


Website updates:

Dive into Phala Network's website, now reimagined with crisp, engaging visuals that bring the power of PhatContract into the spotlight. Our redesign focuses on making the value proposition crystal clear – PhatContract is not just a tool, it's your gateway to harnessing the full potential of Web3 with ease and precision. See more here!


1) Phat Contract 2.0: Smart Contracts, Now Connected

2) Monetizing Social Interactions: Phala & ZURF Partner

3) Phala Monthly Newsletter: September 2023


We also swiftly addressed the delegation reward issues caused by rogue Vault Owners with an on-chain fix. Impacted users will be fully compensated. Upholding your trust is our priority. For details on the resolution, visit here.


Community call:

In the latest community call, we unpacked recent product updates and took a deep dive into the innovations from the PC 2.0 hackathons. Highlights included a recap of the DevX Global Tour, along with the latest advancements in Lens Protocol and Polkadot. Stay tuned for more trailblazing developments. You can listen to the replay here.

In our ongoing commitment to developer empowerment, Phala Network, alongside Astar Network and Aleph Zero, continues to contribute to the ink! ecosystem. Tools like Swanky and DRink!, complemented by innovative templates, are part of the collective enhancements available at the ink! Dev Hub. Read more here.

We’re proud to be the first recipient of Missing Link's proposal aimed at accelerating development, talent acquisition, and growth across seven teams within the Polkadot ecosystem. You can read more here.

Discover how a recent participant turned challenges into triumphs during our recent hackathons with our partner Developer_DAO. His journey highlights the supportive and dynamic community Phala Network nurtures, inspiring future participants to dive in and innovate with us further. Read more here.

In Conclusion

October has set a new benchmark for what we at Phala Network can achieve. With Phat Contract 2.0 taking center stage, bolstered by our community's support, strategic partnerships, and a fervor for continuous improvement, we are shaping an ecosystem where developers and users alike can thrive.

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us on this path as we continue to redefine the standards of web3 development.

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