Advancing Web3 Social Infrastructure: Phala & Airstack Celebrate Partnership


Phala Network, a leading computational infrastructure platform, has announced a new partnership with Airstack, a leading provider of web3 GraphQL API services.

Both teams are focusing on advancing the web3 social space by providing integrations for on-chain and off-chain data into decentralized applications, so developers can easily connect applications to any blockchain ecosystem.

Airstack is a web3 development platform that provides powerful GraphQL APIs for web3 applications. Airstack’s development platform provides an AI solution that enables developers to build queries using natural language searches – making the API usage super easy. Their tech instantly integrates on-chain and off-chain data into any application, and with Phat Contract, secure on-chain integrations can be made possible.

Phala Network enables developers to supercharge their smart contracts by leveraging its decentralized compute cloud via Phala’s off-chain programming model, Phat Contract. Following the recent release of Phat Contract 2.0, Phala unveiled new features tailored for mainstream web3 development. Providing limitless capabilities with a JavaScript SDK and seamless verifiable connections across any API, smart contract, and blockchain.

Advancing Web3 Social Infrastructure

Together, Phala and Airstack are advancing the overall developer landscape within the web3 world. Although both teams are focusing on serving the web3 social space and are working closely with the Lens ecosystem, their use case can be distributed to many different industries.

To build fully functional cross-chain applications, developers require data from on- and off-chain environments. Airstack is one of the leading providers to search blockchains with AI and receive plug-and-play APIs.

Current limitations occur when users want to further execute API data between chains in a secure and decentralized way. This is where Phat Contract comes into play. The combination of Airstack and Phat Contract 2.0 helps developers to read data from any API via Airstack’s development platform and Phala’s Phat Contract can simply write and execute the data in any smart contract for no fees.

Phala and Airstack are dedicated to bring the best developer experience to both user bases. Both teams are in continuous dialogue to advance use cases for their communities and the broader web3 social environment, including platforms such as Lens, Farcaster, and beyond.

Use Case: A Trust Score for Data

An initial use case jointly developed by Phala and Airstack is a Trust Score system. In this framework, developers can carry out data inquiries on Airstack and have the option to save their searches.

This functionality is facilitated by an intuitive template that utilizes Airstack’s development platform as the underlying data provider. Subsequently, each search action generates a dynamic NFT, serving as a verifiable record of the developer's activity. To delve further into the world of dynamic NFTs and understand how Phat Contract enables their creation, we encourage you to read our latest in-depth blog article.

Shared Visions, Innovative Solutions

The founder of Airstack, Jason Goldberg, has shared his insights regarding the new partnership: "We're huge believers in speed at Airstack - both in execution and development timelines. Partnering with Phala to integrate our blazing fast cross-chain API and the Phat Contract decentralized off-chain compute model unlocks huge potential for any developer looking to take on-chain actions in an automatic and secure manner. We couldn't be more excited to see how applications make use of this innovative partnership to create formerly unimaginable web3 experiences".

Dr. Shelven, Lead Researcher and Product Manager of Phala’s Phat Contract also shared his optimism: “Airstack and Phala teams both focus on how to make the development of web3 dApps faster and easier. With the connectivity of Phat Contract, for the first time web3 devs can freely utilize the data from Airstack APIs in any smart contract on any blockchain. We believe this will unblock the road to more creative and powerful dApps.”

Upcoming Events: Deep Dives & Live Demo

To learn more about our Trust Score use case, you can rewatch our launch events below. We discussed technical details about the Phat Contract 2.0 upgrade and the technical motivations behind this Trust Score.

About Airstack

Airstack empowers developers to effortlessly integrate on-chain and related off-chain data into any application. Leveraging a large language model, Airstack's AI assistant crafts powerful GraphQL queries that combine data from different chains, dApps, and crucial off-chain sources—significantly reducing the time and expertise required to build in web3.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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