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Allora & Phala Announce Strategic Partnership


We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Allora and Phala to enhance secure computation through TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology. This collaboration aims to address several key challenges using Phala's robust capabilities with Allora Worker nodes, where each Worker represents the instantiation of a specific ML model on the Allora platform:

  • Secure Model Training on Private Data:

Allora Workers will be able to train AI models on private datasets without exposing the raw data. Thanks to Phala’s TEE technology, data remains secure and cannot be intercepted or captured during the training process.

  • Aggregation of Private Inferences:

Once the Workers produce inferences, these are aggregated securely. The combined result can be inspected and utilized in an unencrypted form, ensuring the final output is accessible and useful while maintaining the privacy of the individual inferences.

  • Private Inferences for End Users:

The inferences generated by the Workers will remain private and inaccessible to the Workers themselves. However, they can be securely delivered and consumed by the end user, preserving confidentiality throughout the process.

Implementing TEEs for AI & ML

The Allora Network is a decentralized AI network that leverages collective intelligence to generate and distribute high-quality inferences among its participants. This innovative platform provides a structured way for users to access state-of-the-art ML model outputs on-chain, and facilitates rewards to the Worker nodes who produce these valuable insights. Allora effectively connects data owners, data processors, AI/ML predictors, market analysts, and end-users, ensuring a seamless flow of information and actionable insights across these groups.

Within the Allora Network there are two categories of Worker nodes. The first generate and broadcast their inferences over a peer-to-peer network. The second set of Workers observes the accuracy of the former over time, develops a contextual awareness of their performance under differing circumstances, and forecasts their accuracy. The network leverages a specially designed Cosmos appchain that integrates these predictions and assessments, distributing rewards based on the accuracy and quality of each agent's contributions. This sophisticated incentive structure ensures that Allora continually adapts and enhances its capabilities, staying responsive to evolving market dynamics.

Allora extends its data privacy capabilities by enabling its Workers to leverage the Phala Network, which has become the largest TEE network in web3 with over 30,000 registered and active TEE devices.

A TEE is a secure enclave within a device's main processor, designed to isolate and protect data from external processes, even those with elevated privileges. This isolation creates a trust-minimized environment, significantly bolstering security against potential threats. TEEs not only safeguard sensitive data but also authenticate and verify computations performed within their secure confines. This capability is crucial in systems requiring multi-proof validation, providing a robust solution to the challenge of ensuring computation verifiability.

By integrating Phala's extensive TEE network, Allora enhances its security and trust, offering unparalleled protection and reliability in its AI/ML operations. This partnership exemplifies a significant advancement in securely managing and processing data, solidifying Allora’s & Phala’s position as leaders in decentralized AI and machine learning.

Enabling the Creation of Self-Improving AI Agents

Phala Network is at the forefront of innovation with its AI-Agent Contract platform, transforming decentralized AI agents. Phala aims to revolutionize AI-Agents’ control and governance, ensuring operation within a decentralized framework that eliminates central authority control. AI-Agent Contract transforms AI agents into autonomous entities, emphasizing decentralization to promote unbiased decisions free from central control, leading to more resilient, transparent AI aligned with user interests. It integrates tokenomics, revolutionizing governance and incentivization within the ecosystem through cryptocurrencies

By integrating Allora's self-improving machine intelligence network, Phala’s AI-Agent contracts benefit from the most effective inferences, ensuring more accurate and reliable outputs than any one model can produce.

This self-improving mechanism creates AI agents that predict and adapt to various contexts and continuously improve their performance. As a result, users of AI agents built on Phala can expect more intelligent and context-aware results from the AI agents they develop and deploy, whether they're working on financial analysis, predictive modeling, or any other AI-driven application.

Allora & Phala joining Forces for a More Secure AI Landscape

The collaboration between Phala and Allora is built on a strong foundation of complementary technologies and shared vision, bringing cutting-edge security and privacy features to Allora’s machine learning processes, and more intelligent and market-responsive inferences to AI agents built on the Phala Network. It marks a significant step forward in a joint commitment to secure, private, and efficient AI agent deployment.

Through this mutual integration, Phala and Allora are not just enhancing one another, but setting new standards for privacy, security, and utility in the AI industry.

Calling all Devs to Join our dAGI Hack Challenge in Brussels

Phala and Allora are proud sponsors of the upcoming dAGI House, web3 & AI Hackathon, July 5th - 7th in Brussels, during EthCC.

Our partnership empowers builders at the dAGI hackathon to win additional bounty rewards by submitting ideas such as hosting Allora Workers on Phala Network and leveraging secure computation using trusted execution environments (TEEs). Both teams offer extra bonuses for Builders that submit projects using Phala and Allora tech tools.

Allora is a self-improving decentralized AI network. Allora enables applications to leverage smarter, more secure AI through a self-improving network of ML models. By combining innovations in crowdsourced intelligence, reinforcement learning, and regret minimization, Allora unlocks a vast new design space of applications at the intersection of crypto and AI.

To learn more about the Allora Network, visit the Allora website, X, Discord, and Developer Docs.

Phala Network is a DePIN powered Coprocessor for AI. Building at the forefront of innovation with its AI-Agent Contract, Phala is transforming decentralized AI agents. As a powerful DePIN network, Phala’s core value proposition is providing verifiable compute based on a decentralized TEE network. The AI-Agent Contract is the main developer platform on Phala’s  TEE network.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with secure AI and data processing.

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