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Phala App v2.0 Has Arrived, Participate in PhalaWorld Christmas Event! | Phala Weekly Vol. 113


Khala/Phala Computing Providers Report

Phala StakePool V2 & Vault on-chain upgrade has been enabled, all computing-related functions are restricted so we won’t be able to provide statistics this week.

Khala Democracy Governance

Khala’s treasury has accumulated 35.26M PHA. Two democracy referendums were completed this week.

Democracy Referendum

  • #73: This referendum comes from the technical committee. The proposal proposes to upgrade Khala Runtime v1200 to prepare for the launch of stakepool V2
  • #74: This referendum comes from the technical committee. The proposal is to upgrade Khala Runtime v1201 to speed up runtime migration. It mainly includes two items: enable StakePool v2 and Vault basic filters, and delete migration.

Treasury Proposal

  • #48: This proposal is from the Phala team for spending during the DOT in Vietnam campaign.
  • #49: This proposal comes from the Dwellir team. Users will provide public RPC node services for the Khala network in 2023 Q1.


  • Tip: This tip proposal comes from community member Polkadot Arena, who wrote a Twitter thread for PhalaWorld to explain how the feeding system works.

Dev Updates


  1. Phat Contract
    • Wiki tutorial updated
      • Close beta launching
  1. Computing power supply
    • StakePool v2 launched with reward enabled
    • App 2.0 fully launched

Work in progress

  1. Phala APP
    • SGX DCAP productionalize
  1. Computing power supply
    • pRuntime fast sync merged; waiting for Solo & PRB integration
    • Ledger Hardware Wallet supports internal test

Community & Ecosystem


Product Progress

  1. Continue the development of custom NFT.
  1. The web UI development is completed.
  1. The marketplace is under development.
  1. Hatching will happen next week.
  1. The team will show the “burning” of Shell NFT

Operation & Marketing

  1. Dress Up has ended. Now waiting for Shell to hatch.
  1. You can participate in the special Christmas Shell decoration event to win pendants to decorate your My Space page!
  1. Watch the video by Alpha Airdrop to learn more about 3 NFT Systems in PhalaWorld.

Activities & News

  1. Phala App v2 has officially launched! Go ahead and enjoy a whole new experience of the Phala App.
  1. On Dec 22nd, Phala hosted a Community Call - an end-of-year round-up and went over the achievements and accomplishments of the year 2022. The community was also prepped on great things that will happen next year.
  1. Phala Network went live on Filecoin Compute Over Data Working Group’s 9th session and introduced how we build Phala Network and Phat Contract. Watch the recap here.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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