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Phala Network at ETHdenver 2024


The Phala Team comes to Denver - The Coprocessor Journey

EthDenver serves as the global hub for Ethereum BUIDLers. This vibrant gathering brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to explore, collaborate, and push the boundaries of decentralized applications. With a mix of workshops, presentations, and a major hackathon, EthDenver fosters innovation and drives the Ethereum community towards new horizons in decentralized finance, smart contracts, and blockchain solutions. For the third consecutive year, the Phala team is set to participate in EthDenver. Our schedule is brimming with activities as we unveil the latest product updates for 2024.

Phala at EthDenver — Meet the Team

The Phala team will be at EthDenver from February 23rd to March 3rd.

Keep an eye out for our attending Phala team members!

Watch on Youtube why we are so excited for this year's EthDenver tour!

Let’s dive into the packed events schedule below.

Checkout the EthDenver Schedule

Event 1: Multi-Prover Hack Day

When: 📅 2/2712pm-6pm

Where: 2345 7th St

Event Summary

Explore Trusted Execution Environment in web3 & find dev tools for your BUIDLathon project at Multi-Prover Hack Day!

Whether you're a seasoned prover or a curious newcomer, this event promises something for everyone.

Join us on February 27th for an exhilarating day where the code meets creativity in the heart of Denver. From noon to dusk, we'll be taking over 2345 7th St, where the only thing hotter than the tech will be the ideas flying around the room.

At the Multi-Prover Hack Day, we're bringing together some of the brightest minds in the field of d/acc &  Trusted Execution Environment.

Join speakers from Phala Network, Automata Network, Flashbots & The Graph Protocol

What to expect

Get ready for an exciting lineup of workshops – it's not just about work; there's plenty of fun too! Join us for refreshments, networking breaks, and lively discussions in a laid-back and friendly setting.

Josh, our Director of Tech Evangelism, will lead a hands-on workshop demonstrating the use of Phat Contract and The Graph Template with Scaffold-ETH. Following that, our Co-founder and CTO of Hashforest, Hang, will present a workshop on Phat Contract in Rust based on TEEs.

We’ll be closing the event with a lively discussion about ‘The future of TEEs in DePIN’.

Don't pass up this exclusive chance to learn from seasoned industry professionals.


Put your skills to the test and compete for exciting bounties and recognition.

Whether you're showcasing a groundbreaking project or making significant contributions to a team effort, your efforts won't go unnoticed. Showcase your skills, win bounties, and gain recognition.

Check out what Josh has to say about the Hack Day bounties:

If you want to learn & hack, register here:

Event 2: R3al World - The DePIN Event by IoTeX

When: 📅 2/28 10am-8pm

Event Summary

R3al World is the first and largest community event for DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and real world applications. It is powered by IoTeX, featuring innovators who turn devices to communal economies and impact the real world.

What to expect

Attendees will experience immersive showcases of how web3 will integrate into everyday life through physical devices like vehicles, servers, hotspots, mobile, wearables, and more.

ETHDenver is R3al World’s flagship event, and this one will be even bigger and better than last year!

Stay tuned as we unveil the exciting lineup of speakers and DePIN projects that will be showcasing their exciting innovations during the event.

This event happens from 10am-8pm, tickets here:

Event 3: Mini Summit at BUIDLWeek

When: 📅 2/28 3pm–7pm

Where: Register for in-person attendance or stream it online.

Event Summary

Join us for the Mini Summit at BUIDLWeek, an exclusive 4-hour deep-dive into the Polkadot ecosystem, enhancing your ETHDenver experience. Beyond traditional panel talks, this carefully curated event aims to facilitate interactive learning, open dialogue, and collaboration, empowering participants to actively contribute to the decentralized future.

What to expect

Taking place on #BUIDLHub Stage 3, the summit features Tech-Talks by Polkadot developers and ecosystem experts, interactive demos showcasing real-world applications, and dedicated networking opportunities.

Phala’s Co-Founder Marvin will be giving a keynote with the topic ‘Coprocessor: a new primitive to build modern smart contracts’

Don't miss this chance to explore the cutting-edge technology of Polkadot and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Event 4: Phala Booth at $Spork Castle

When: 📅  2/29 all day

Where: Spork Castle

Event Summary

On Thursday 29th, we’ll be at the $Spork Castle all day showcasing Phala’s products at the booth. Come by and say hi, check out some cool swag and meet the team.

Meet up with community members and our team in person at Polkadot’s sprawling booth! Ask questions, learn, or just say hi! Come early for swag.

Event 5: - Beyond Zk

When: 📅 2/29 4pm-8pm

Event Summary

Following a day at the primary conference, join us for an afternoon conversation on the constraints of zero knowledge, the applications of TEEs (trusted execution environments), and strategies for fortifying TEEs through the integration of additional encryption technologies. Come for the insightful content, and linger for some refreshing drinks.

Beyond ZK is an event hosted by Secret Network, Oasis Network and Phala.

Speakers include:

  • Phala Network: Hang Yin, Co-founder & CTO and Marvin Co-founder & CEO
  • Secret Network: Alex Zaidelson, CEO of SCRT Labs & Guy Zyskind, Founder of Secret Network

Event 6: Agents Unleashed - Supercharging the Decentralized AI Stack

When: 📅 3/01 11am-5pm

Where: The Source Hotel

Event Summary A summit focused on exploring the potential of autonomous (AI) agents and how the decentralized AI stack enables the future. Happening on Friday March 1st from 11am to 5pm.

What to expect Joined by industry leaders you can find Phala on stage during the following panel discussions:

  • ‘Can Autonomous (AI) Agents Become Crypto’s Largest User Group?’ - 11:15am - 12:00pm
  • ‘The Compute and Storage layers - Challenges & Opportunities specific to AI and Agent use cases’ - 2:30 - 3:15
  • ‘Technologies for AI Agent use cases at the nexus of on- and off-chain: Indexers, Knowledge Graphs, RPCs and zkML’ - 3:30 - 4:15

Get your tickets now:

Event 7: InfraGardens 🌱 Web3 Infra Meetup

When: 📅 3/02 2pm-7pm


Event Summary

Infra Gardens, renowned for hosting over 1300 attendees in previous editions (EthCC and Devconnect), returns to Denver as the go-to event for infrastructure builders and blockchain ecosystems.

With speakers from prominent projects like Cosmos, Polygon, Gnosis, ZKSync, NEAR, and Lens Protocol, Infra Gardens connects a curated audience of founders, builders, and developers from diverse ecosystems.

What to expect:

Phala will be hosting the panel at 2.30pm about ‘The rise of TEE in DePIN’, with our co-founder Marvin, speakers from Automata, Secret Network and moderated by Phala’s VP, Zoé.

Join us for insightful panels, networking, and relaxation with delicious food and drinks in a separate room for panel discussions. 🌿

Ready to meet the Phala Team?

In addition to the official events, the Phala team will actively engage in several side events during both weeks of the conference. If you plan to attend and wish to connect with the team, feel free to join our official EthDenver Telegram group. Stay tuned to our Twitter for the latest updates. We can't wait to meet you there!

Check the full interview between Zoé and Josh about our Events schedule on YouTube here:

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