Phala Network Partners With Subsquid to Provide High-Quality Indexing Service On Phala App


We are so excited to announce that Phala Network has developed a partnership with Subsquid, an open-source indexing project that aims to build a better standard for Web3 and ETL that supports EVM, Substrate, and WASM chains. As one of the back-end data indexing partners of Phala, it has completed the integration on Phala App to support data indexing and querying. In the future, Phala and Subsquid will expand the collaboration in more fields in the Phala ecosystem.

The Phala App aggregates many functions in a single hub and will grow with new tools together with the Phala ecosystem, V2.0 has been released on December 22nd introducing a new UI design and many features.

Subsquid has a lot of developer tools which provide a smooth development experience, and it is very easy to get started, which greatly improved the efficiency of the initial stage of Phala App development. The Squid Archive service makes indexing data easier and more intuitive. It also has an outstanding feature: the efficiency and speed of the processor are really great, which improves the speed of data backtracking.

By bringing Subsquid’s data processing and API development framework to Phala App, querying on-chain data becomes easier and faster. Benefiting from this integration, Phala's tech team can save energy from data processing. It not only maximizes developer effectiveness but also provides a good experience to users.

Phala removes the need for developers to depend on centralized data centers. In this way, Phala has the potential to bring about truly permissionless and censorship-resistant computing. This is really what Web3 is all about, and we’re very happy to be collaborating with a project working on such essential infrastructure.

writes Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO and co-founder of Subsquid. “Moreover, Phala’s Phat Contracts unlock use cases not possible with regular smart contracts, and we’re very excited to see what gets built with this technology.”

As a Web3 decentralized compute cloud platform, Phala has a significant need for cross-chain data query and analysis within its ecosystem, as well as for the DApps built on top of it. In the crypto world, data has always played a crucial role, and a good on-chain data indexer means a lot to Web3 builders. By combining Phat Contract — the innovative off-chain programming model developed by Phala — and the third-party data index service like Subsquid, Phala will release its huge potential in the future.

About Subsquid

Subsquid is the team behind squids, a new standard for Web3 data extraction and transformation. Squids already powers hundreds of applications across dozens of EVM, Substrate, and WASM-based chains. With modular architecture and a host of advanced features, Subsquid offers the most resource-efficient and developer-friendly way to build, test, and deploy customized GraphQL APIs and ETLs for blockchain-facing applications.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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