Phat Contract 2.0: Smart Contracts, Now Connected.


Unveiling Phat Contract 2.0 - tailored for mainstream web3 development, it provides limitless building capabilities with its JavaScript SDK and seamless verifiable connections across any API, smart contract, and blockchain.

This game changing upgrade increases Phat Contract's reach and accessibility by enabling a wider spectrum of developers to utilise its capabilities. While still firmly rooted in the Substrate framework, Phat Contract now also empowers EVM developers to push the boundaries in dApp development by improving the connectivity of their smart contracts.

While 1.0 established a solid foundation, 2.0 amplifies its impact, presenting fresh applications and new groundbreaking opportunities.

Making Smart Contracts Smarter: Unparalleled Connectivity & Easy Extensions

Launched in June 2023, Phat Contract 1.0 garnered significant traction, especially amongst web3 social builders and the wider EVM developer community.

Its value was realised by thousands of developers and founders at Polygon's DevX Global Tour events and hackathons, including those with Polygon and Developer DAO.

To continue paving the way for next-level applications, we collected community feedback and upgraded Phat Contract 1.0 by delivering the community's two most requested features:

1) Connect Smart Contract To The Off-chain world

  • Integration Without Limits: Connect L2 to L1 blockchain data, integrate real-world assets or gaming into Web3, and Web2 services managing DAO-controlled bots—all via smart contracts.
  • Ready-to-Use Integrations: Pre-configured support for over 20 blockchains and pivotal Web3 services.

2) Easy Customization: Leveraging Familiar Tools (JS & Solidity):

  • Faster Development: Navigate effortlessly through building, testing, and deploying with top-tier DApp stacks including JavaScript, Solidity, and ethers.js.
  • Pre-Prepared Templates: Ready-to-use templates at your fingertips to expedite the development journey.
  • User-Centric Customisation: Deploy feature-rich and customisable code templates quickly.

Building on these foundational successes, Phat Contract can now catalyse mass dApp adoption. Recognising web3's need to support a growing user base and diverse assets, Phat Contract provides solutions to address Ethereum's inherent constraints.

What Can You Build with Phat Contract 2.0?

These functionalities offer immense developmental possibilities, empowering developers to potentially revolutionise entire industries. The Phat Contract Starter Kit further simplifies the development process, making previously impossible dApps possible, across Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains.


These industries offer only a glimpse into the vast realm of potential applications for Phat Contract. With web2 and off-chain data, seamless multi-chain smart contracts, flexible API access, and a host of other capabilities, the possibilities are boundless:

  1. Web3 social: Enriches social insights with off-chain and cross-chain data, enabling innovative social dApps.
  1. DeFi: Cross-chain data access enables DeFi platforms to tap into liquidity pools, rates, and multi-chain DeFi aggregation, governance, and tokenomics, expanding secure financial options.
  1. NFT: Dynamic NFTs can be created to evolve over time or based on conditions, revolutionising digital artistry with adaptable token attributes.
  1. DePIN: Connect smart contract to decentralized storage, messaging, IoT, and traditional APIs.
  1. AI: Phat Contracts can supercharge AI applications, enhancing predictive tasks like stock price forecasting, supply chain optimisation, healthcare diagnostics, and smart city traffic management.
  1. Real World Assets: With seamless connectivity and flexible API access, tangible assets are easily tokenised, enhancing transparency and fostering innovative dApps.
  1. Healthcare: Ensures secure data sharing, increasing privacy, cutting administrative costs, and preserving data integrity, driving industry advancements.

What's being built with Phat Contract?

Discover Phat Contract in action by exploring these tangible use cases:

  1. Web3 social: Zurf is a web3 social platform where you can earn money by engaging with creators and promote your content while rewarding your audience.
  1. XMTP: Phat OTP is a on-chain system sends One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to users' XMTP inboxes. Each OTP remains valid for 5 minutes, with newer requests overriding prior ones within this period.
  1. GameFi: Phat Strategy enables players to wager Matics and engage in competition based on profile scores, introducing an element of strategy and randomness to create an enjoyable gaming experience.
  1. Dynamic NFTs: Lens Phite is an on-chain game where your Lens Profile stats determine your score. Post-match, the winner can mint or update an NFT with their on-chain score, introducing a dynamic NFT mechanism.
  1. AI: Smart Cookie is a decentralized Chrome extension, which tailors Web3 content. 'Bite a cookie' on Uniswap or OpenSea to guide AI suggestions, with all interactions transparent and privacy-focused via web3 data.
  1. Oracles: The LensAPI Oracle enables developers to perform aggregations and complex queries of Lens data via web and mobile applications using HTTP requests. It also offers an easy way to access verifiable Lens API data in smart contracts.

Leading the Charge, Pioneering Decentralized FaaS

Phat Contract 2.0 provides verifiable Function-as-a-Service that share the same utility as AWS Lambda or Google Cloud, but running on decentralized infrastructure. This enables developers to connect any API to any blockchain, read data with ease, and manage APIs through smart contracts.

At present, both Chainlink Functions and Gelato’s Web3 Functions have also presented off-chain data and computation solutions for web3 developers.

However Phat Contract 2.0 provides unique offerings that are notably absent from current solutions, setting a new standard for both centralised and decentralised cloud functions. These include:

  1. Omnichain support: integrates effortlessly with any blockchain, providing unparalleled versatility, whereas other solutions limit chain options.
  1. Verifiability: ensures that every operation can be independently verified by the user, enhancing trust and transparency via Phala's infrastructure and decentralised network.
  1. Privacy: details are kept confidential with SGX nodes, ensuring a secure development environment.
  1. Unrivalled Logic Performance: Fueled by Rust, Wasm, and ink!.

Discover, Innovate & Deploy: Use Phat Contract 2.0 Today

Ready to dive deeper into Phat Contract? Begin your in-depth exploration with these starting points:

  • Website: A comprehensive starting point into Phat Contract's ecosystem, offering both developer resources and contextual insights.
  • Dashboard: Begin by forking and deploying the code or by using our one-click deploy templates on the new Phat Contract dashboard.
  • Builders programme: Provides funding, guidance, and support to developers that want to build high-value projects with Phat Contract, and add functionality to Phat Contract itself.
  • Discord: Engage in Phat Contract related discussions with other builders and request technical support from Phala's core team.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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