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Phat Contract: Smart Contracts. Now Smarter.


Announcing the launch of Phat Contract on Phala Mainnet, the off-chain program running on Phala Network which helps users to connect smart contracts anywhere while the app gains internet access.

Today a new no-code application infrastructure has launched.

Engineered to bridge the gap between Web2 services and the Web3 universe, Phat Contract enables effortless integration across EVM and Substrate blockchains in a trustless environment. This enables smart contracts to extend their capabilities to the rich off-chain world, making smart contracts even smarter. Experience the next generation of no-code applications with Phat Contract, reshaping the landscape from this point forward.

The Optimal solution for implementing Web3 Functions

In Web3, ensuring efficient interaction with massive off-chain data while maintaining trustworthy and secure information has become exceedingly challenging. Achieving both convenience and efficiency in application deployment adds an extra layer of complexity, but that does not mean it is impossible.

Benefits of Phat Contract Solution

Phala’s solution is designed to significantly enhance development efficiency for Web3 developers while securely enabling off-chain computation. By offering a virtually cost-free computation, Phala’s solution spurs the rapid advancement of Web3 applications. Currently, Chainlink Functions and Gelato’s Web3 Functions have both proposed off-chain data & computation solutions for Web3 developers. Compared to other Functions solutions, Phat Contract has great advantages. Comparative analysis of various solutions will be conducted in subsequent discussions.

Accelerate your Web3 App development with one click deploy blueprints

Phala delivered Phat Contract to help developers build next-generation applications by introducing the capability of off-chain computing with composability in December 2021. Additionally, its Closed Beta was launched at the end of 2022 and has been used by 48 applications, like InvArchApillionW3A, and PrivaDEX.

Over the past two years, through feedback from users, we believe that user-friendliness should be the top priority. The mainnet version of Phat Contract has made significant improvements.

1. Adding a no-code experience — “Blueprint”

For Web3 developers, speed is essential in catching up with the crypto market. The ability to deploy applications without the need for coding greatly enhances application deployment efficiency and productivity. Phat Contract provides pre-defined components (Phat Bricks), and customizable templates (Blueprints) to effortlessly construct functional and efficient dApps.

Deploy a LensAPI Oracle in just 5 minutes!

Phat Contract has launched a customizable LensAPI Oracle Blueprint that requires no coding LensAPI Oracle. Social platform users can easily tailor the Oracle to their needs.

Phat Contract realizes the possibility of bridging any API from the Web2 to the Web3 world. Users can dive into the future of Oracle Integration with Phat Contract, empowering no-code applications like never before.

How Phat LensAPI Oracle works

2. Omnichain compatible

Phat Contract supports all EVM-compatible chains, such as Ethereum, BSC, and all layer-2 chains like Polygon, StarkNet, etc. It also supports all Substrate-based chains, like Polkadot, Moonbeam, Astar, and more. It can support all blockchain ecosystems as users need.

Network support

3. User-customizable modules are available

From no code to full code, we have got you covered. Users can interact with Phat Contract on the level that works for them.

Phat Contract customized modules ladder

Phat Contract offers three different deployment scenarios to cater to various user needs. Beginners can directly build applications using pre-defined blueprints, enjoying the convenience of not needing any programming skills.

Advanced users, who usually have a solid background in writing smart contracts and a basic understanding of Rust, can customize contracts according to their needs. The above image shows the different modules in the entire Phat Contract system, and each module supports customization.

4. Multi-language support

Phat Contract enables smart contracts to run conventional code in languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Rust. This allows them to carry out familiar Web2 tasks such as invoking an API and executing code based on the returned data.

Meanwhile, the Phala team is offering a rewards pool of up to $50,000 to encourage innovators to deploy applications using Phat Contract. Any bold and innovative ideas are welcome. Learn about the Phala builder program here.

Kickstart your innovative blockchain application adventure with Phat Contract today! Empower your ideas and reshape the future!

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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