Phala Monthly Newsletter: March 2024


Top News:

Teaser Alert: Marvin Drops Clue About Upcoming Release!

Co-Founder Marvin Tong teased a cryptic Easter egg on X—expect a thrilling AI & Web3 fusion. Stay tuned; something big's on the horizon!


Integrating RiscZero with Phala's JS Runtime

Marvin Tong also celebrated integrating RiscZero host runtime into Phala Network's js runtime, a key step for the TEE+ZKP multi-prover strategy. This advancement is significant as it boosts application security and privacy through the synergy of trusted execution environments and zero-knowledge proofs. See more here.

$PHA Success

PHA/USDT Hits Historic Trading Volume on Polkadex

Polkadex announced Phala Network's PHA/USDT pair on the Polkadex Orderbook surpassed the 100k, 150k, and 200k milestones, reaching over $200,000 in 24-hour trading volume - a first for any pair on Orderbook.


TEE Technology in Focus: Enhancing Data Security for Web3

VP & Partner of Phala Network Zoe Meckbach moderated a panel featuring Marvin Tong, Alex Zaidelson from SCRT Labs, and Harry Roberts from Oasis, discussing TEE technology's role in confidential computation. They explored its applications and trade-offs, emphasizing its significance for enhancing data security in web3 and blockchain. The insightful discussion underscored TEE's value for cost-effective, scalable data protection.

Agents Unleashed at ETHDenver 2024

We had a fantastic time discussing Autonomous AI Agents with our friends at ETHDenver 2024. It featured speakers from leading projects shaping the decentralized AI landscape. Check out the replay to dive into the innovations presented below.

Unpacking Phala Network’s AI-Agent Tech at GTC 2024

We hosted an AI & Web3 Happy Hour at Nvidia GTC 2024 with Oak Network and IOSGVC, focusing on the AI-Agent Economy. The event, filled with insightful discussions on the future of AI and a sneak peek at our AIAgent technology, was a hit, embodying the Phala Network spirit with engaging conversations and exclusive swag.

Presenting Phala Network's TEE Multiproof Security

Wenfeng Wang, a Phala Network Core Dev, introduced Phala’s Trusted Execution Environment-based multiproof solution to the Chinese community. Attendees discovered how this innovative approach enhances the security of Bitcoin L2s.

W3Transfer Participation Confirmed

We announced our participation in W3Transfer, with Apillon and encodeclub on board. Our fantastic dev-rel, Hashwarlock, will host an NFT and Phat Contract-based workshop. Stay tuned for more exciting updates involving AI, DePIN, and Polkadot.

BlockTargeter Wins PhatContract Bounty

We partnered in Tako Protocol’s DeSoc hackathon, collaborating with Lens Protocol, Airstack XYZ, and DWF Labs, leading to hackers vying for $17,000 and PhatContract bounties. @1va77 emerged as the PhatContract bounty winner with BlockTargeter, which, using our Phala Airstack Kit, established a new benchmark in targeted, private airdrops via Phala Network. Read more here.


Published Blogs

  1. Introducing Phala SGX-Prover - A Two-Factor Authentication Solution for zk-Rollups: explains how it enhances ZK-Rollups' security and performance by providing a secondary, hardware-grade verification layer.
  1. Empowering the AI-Agent Economy: Create, Own and Earn: integrating AI's intelligence with blockchain's decentralization to enable autonomous AI agents that perform tasks, manage assets, and drive innovation, aiming for a more equitable and innovative digital future.
  1. Empowering the AI-Agent Economy: A Deep Dive into Phala Network's 5 Pivotal Features: Phala Network is pivotal in the AI-Agent Economy, offering a decentralized network, smart contract integration, AI model support, autonomous collaboration, and data confidentiality.

YouTube videos:

  1. Empowering the AI-Agent Economy: Create, Own and Earn
  2. The AI-Agent Economy combines AI and blockchain to envision a future of autonomous AI agents in a blockchain economy. It aims to tackle digital challenges through an open-source, community-driven approach, inspired by advancements like AutoGPT and various language models.

  1. 5 Reasons Why AI Agents Choose Phala: Revolutionizing the AI-Agent Economy
  2. The video showcases Phala Network's contribution to the AI-Agent economy with its vast decentralized network, integration with AI models, and emphasis on privacy, positioning it as a key player in the evolution of intelligent, secure AI agents.

  1. 5 Reasons Why AI Agents Choose Phala: AI-Agent Contract Technology Stack
  2. Phala Network combines decentralization, advanced AI integration, and privacy, marking its significance in the AI-Agent economy for enabling secure, intelligent blockchain interactions.

Phala 101 Polls

The Power of Middleware Oracle Compute

Marvin Tong broke down the recent #phala101 DePIN poll's correct answer, 'Middleware Oracle Compute', explaining why Phala Network is a computational powerhouse, a blockchain co-processor, and a unique DePIN, because of its advanced capabilities and innovative approach to decentralized computing.

Phala Network's Push for Advanced AI Agents

Director of Technical Evangelism Joshua Waller conducted our #phala101 poll on AI agents because true power lies in AI with decision-making abilities, capable of tasks from coding and doing research to ordering pizza.


The Synergy Between Phala and RWA Projects

Tanssi emphasized how Phala's price feeds can empower developers to integrate real-world applications (RWA) with advanced capabilities, showcasing the critical role of essential integrations like oracles and price feeds in RWA projects. Read more here.

Cappex Spearheads PINK Token Airdrop Initiative:

Head Ambassador Cappex initiated consultations on distributing 19 million PINK tokens, leading to a consensus for an airdrop to Phala Network's key supporters and long-term believers. This proposal, guided by his leadership, aims to reward those who have shown enduring trust in Phala Network and Phala World, also welcoming new PHA holders to participate in the PINK airdrop. Read more here.

Pioneering Smart Contract Standards with Polkadot

The Web3 Foundation previously managed Polkadot Standards Proposals, which are now overseen by the Polkadot Fellowship and a community collective including Astar Network, Phala Network, and Aleph Zero for WebAssembly smart contract standards, emphasizing Phala Network's key role in the Polkadot ecosystem.

In Case You Missed It: February's Recap at Phala Network

In February, Phala accelerated with crucial updates in blockchain and AI, notably:

  • Unveiled Agent Contract, blending AI with blockchain for a digital "Jedi" experience.
  • Simplified transactions with MetaMask integration and account abstraction on our testnet.
  • Introduced FrameHub, a leap in decentralized Farcaster Frame hosting beyond conventional FaaS.
  • Showcased our commitment to AI, DePIN, and coprocessor tech at EthDenver.
  • Launched our Builders Spotlight series and joined forces with Tako Protocol's DeSoc Hackathon for web3 social monetization.
  • Secured a parachain slot on Kusama network with Khala, highlighting our blockchain ecosystem influence.
  • Launched "Phanatics" to celebrate our Ambassadors and fostered community through events like Hackachain's TEE technology session.

February's momentum sets the stage for a promising year in blockchain and AI. Discover more here.

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