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Phala Monthly Newsletter: February 2024


Top News:

AI Agents as Web3's New Backbone

Co-Founder Marvin Tong introduced Agent Contract, blending AI with blockchain for decentralized intelligence, likening AI Agents to Jedi. Inspired by Vitalik Buterin, this move reshapes digital interactions, aiming for an open AI ecosystem with a secure, community-driven framework. Key features include easy deployment, TEE security, and interoperable governance. Future plans focus on simplifying hosting, enhancing trust with multi-prove, and encouraging Web3 AI collaborations, with Phala leading the way.


Eradicating Barriers: MetaMask Integration & Account Abstraction

Phala Network's testnet introduces account abstraction, enabling easier use of Phat Contracts on Ethereum and EVM chains through MetaMask. This update removes KYC, lowers gas fees, and simplifies transactions, with plans for gasless transactions and a free Phat Contract deployment per account. Read more here.

FrameHub vs. Traditional FaaS: A New Hosting Paradigm

Josh, our Director of Technical Evangelism, introduced FrameHub, a cutting-edge platform for decentralized Farcaster Frame hosting. Unlike traditional FaaS, FrameHub enables rapid deployment on IPFS, fortified with TEE/Intel SGX security, and relies on Phala's network of over 35k TEE workers for an unstoppable service.

Demonstrating with a "Guess a Number" game, Josh showcases FrameHub's potential for seamless integration and deployment of decentralized applications, inviting users to explore its capabilities and hinting at future developments.


Phala Network's EthDenver Journey: Setting the Stage for AI and DePIN Innovation

At EthDenver, we made significant strides in advancing our narratives on AI, DePIN, and coprocessors. Through engaging in key events like the Multi-Prover Hack Day, R3al World - The DePIN Event, BUIDLHub Mini Summit, Spork Castle, Beyond ZK, Agents Unleashed, and InfraGardens, we emphasized our commitment to pushing the boundaries of decentralized AI & much more. Stay tuned for a dedicated recap and insights on our adventures at EthereumDenver.

Builders Spotlight: ZK & TEE with Hackachain

Introducing our new content series, Builders Spotlight. In our first edition we delved into the fusion of Zero Knowledge and Trusted Execution Environments with Jasso, the CTO of Hackachain. This insightful discussion provided valuable insights into the intersection of these technologies. Listen to the whole ๐• space here.

Phala Network Joined Tako Protocol's DeSoc Hackathon as Strategic Partner

Phala Network participated in Tako Protocol's DeSoc hackathon, collaborating with Lens Protocol, Airstack, and DWFLabs. Hackers competed for a $17,000 prize pool and PhatContract bounties. The goal was to reshape web3 social monetization for a fair, transparent, user-centric digital economy. Stay tuned for the winner announcement!

$PHA success:

Khala's Victory: Winning Kusama Auction #127

We celebrated a major win early this year by securing a parachain slot on Kusama network, marking a promising start for Khala, Phala Network's pre-mainnet. Our successful bid in auction number 127, with a final bid of 400 KSM and leading 52.41% of the blocks, set the stage for a year of advancements. The leasing period, from February 8, 2024, to January 17, 2025, underscores our commitment to growth on Kusama. Here's to celebrating this milestone and looking forward to future successes!


Check out our latest compute stats ๐Ÿ‘‡


Published Blogs:

  1. Airstack Starter Kit: Build Data-Driven dApps with The Ultimate Web3 API: Introduces the Airstack Starter Kit for easier dApp development, combining Airstack Web3 API and Phala's Phat Contract.
  1. How to create a Phat Dashboard account and get test tokens: Guides setting up a Phat Dashboard account for managing Phat Contracts in dApp development.
  1. Phala Network: What is DePIN?: Explains Phala Network's role in securing blockchain apps with Trusted Execution Environments and Zero-Knowledge proofs.
  1. Phala Network at ETHdenver 2024: Recap of Phala Network's participation in ETHDenver 2024.
  1. Unraveling the Power of Blockchain Oracles - A Glimpse into Phat Contract Oracles on Phala Network: Details Phala Network's Phat Contract Oracles and their role in smart contracts.
  1. What is Coprocessor?: Explores Phat Contracts as blockchain coprocessors for offloading tasks.
  1. Coprocessor: Indexers for Data Rich Access: Discusses collaborations improving data accessibility for dApps.
  1. Coprocessor: Trustless Computation Framework: Enhances web3 with secure off-chain computations.
  1. Coprocessor: Data Fetching with web3 Function Oracles: Explores how Phat Contracts integrate off-chain data securely.
  1. Coprocessor: Security Verification Framework: Details privacy and security features of Phala Network.

From Passion to Action: Celebrating Phala Ambassadors with Phanatics

This month, we celebrated our Phala Network Ambassadors with our first edition of our new content series "Phanatics," highlighting their critical contributions to marketing, content, and community engagement, and acknowledging their role in our ecosystem's growth. Read more here.


Phala Network and TEE: Insights from Hackachain

Hackachain's CTO, Jasso Hack, offerED an insightful breakdown of Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) in a format that's easy to grasp for viewers. Highlighting the innovative ways Phala Network utilizes TEE technology, the video sheds light on how it significantly enhances privacy within the platform. To delve deeper into the subject and understand the pivotal role of TEE in securing data, you can watch the full here.

Phala's 2024 Vision Unveiled in Latest Community Call

In Phala Network's first 2024 community call, led by VP of Growth Zoe and co-founders Marvin and Hang, the focus was on the year's roadmap and Phala's shift towards product shipping and enhanced blockchain computation. Key discussions included Phala's strategic direction, integration of advanced security technologies, and responses to community questions on tokenomics, highlighting a commitment to driving demand for the ยขPHA token.

Love, Pandas, and POAPs: Phala Network's Valentine's Celebration

This Valentine's Day, Phala Network's community voted for a new profile cover, choosing the adorable Panda over Bear and Cupid. Thanks to everyone who participated and embraced the theme of love and pandas. A special POAP was offered to celebrate the occasion. Happy Valentine's filled with love!

In Case You Missed It

Dive into January's recap here to discover our leap into Modular Coprocessor tech, pivotal updates on DePIN and AI projects, and key partnerships enhancing ink! Smart Contract development. Highlights include:

  • Our innovative Lens Protocol proposal,
  • Engaging workshops,
  • Strategic discussions on DEPIN's impact on the data economy,
  • Contributions to the Lens Protocol,
  • $PHA's new metrics page and DWF Labs investment,

It was a packed month, setting the stage for an exciting year ahead!

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