Introducing AI-Agent Contract for Smart Agents


We are pleased to announce a pivotal advancement in our platform: the shift from the Phat Contract to the AI-Agent Contract. This change represents much more than a mere name alteration; it signifies a strategic pivot towards fully integrating AI into the Web3 ecosystem. Through the introduction of the AI-Agent Contract, we are paving the way for the development, ownership, and monetization of AI agents in a decentralized setting.

This update reflects our dedication to innovation and the community we serve. The AI-Agent Contract is designed to fuse AI's capabilities with the decentralized nature of blockchain, providing a potent platform for AI agents to operate autonomously and generate value within the ecosystem. It represents a significant step towards a future where digital entities can function with unparalleled autonomy and intelligence, opening new avenues for developers and creators. As we navigate this exciting transition, our focus is on harnessing AI to enhance the blockchain space, making it more inclusive, efficient, and innovative for all stakeholders.

Our intention to make this shift has been hinted at in our series of blog posts on the AI-Agent Contract. Now, we are thrilled to officially unveil this transition.

1.1 Commemorating the Pivotal Milestones of Phat Contract

The transition to AI-Agent Contract signifies a strategic turning point in our journey, concentrating closely on the vast potential of AI within the Phala Network ecosystem. This progress builds on the robust foundation established by Phat Contract, drawing upon three years of insights and accomplishments that have influenced our progression.

The journey of Phat Contract has been vital in shaping the landscape for this new era. As an innovative initiative, Phat Contract broke new ground by enhancing smart contract capabilities and thereby broadening the utility and impact of blockchain technology. It established a versatile foundation, empowering smart contracts to securely connect with the external world, an innovation crucial for applications reliant on real-world data and external computational resources. This foundational work laid down the essential infrastructure that made the progression towards an AI-enhanced Web3 ecosystem not only feasible but natural.

1.1.1 Integration For Web3 Data Access

One of the significant accomplishments of Phat Contract was its integration with prominent data indexing protocols, namely The Graph and Airstack. These integrations enabled smart contracts to access a vast array of external data sources with ease, thereby expanding their utility and applicability across various use cases.

  • The Graph Integration: By incorporating The Graph, Phat Contract empowered developers to query and access data from different blockchains in a decentralized manner. This was particularly beneficial for applications that required aggregating and analyzing data from various sources, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of decentralized applications (dApps).
  • Airstack Integration: Airstack's integration provided a seamless means of connecting smart contracts with off-chain data and services. This facilitated the development of more sophisticated and responsive dApps that could adapt to changing conditions and incorporate a broader range of information and functionality.

1.1.2 Computation Templates for Diverse Use Cases

Phat Contract introduced computation templates tailored to specific use cases, including Web3 Social, DeFi, Entertainment (NFTs & games), and more. These templates provided developers with pre-designed frameworks that could be easily adapted and deployed, significantly reducing development time and complexity.

  • Web3 Social: Utilizing computation templates, developers were able to build decentralized social platforms with advanced features, such as content curation, tokenized rewards, and more, without having to start from scratch.
  • DeFi Applications: For DeFi applications, Phat Contract provided templates for functionalities such as cross-chain swaps and liquidity indexing, enabling more efficient and secure financial transactions across different blockchain networks.
  • Entertainment: In the realm of entertainment, particularly NFTs and gaming, Phat Contract offered templates for creating dynamic and interactive digital assets. This opened up new possibilities for game developers and content creators to engage with their audiences in innovative ways.

1.1.3 Trustless Connections Between Off-Chain Data and Smart Contracts

Phat Contract's ability to facilitate trustless interactions between off-chain data and smart contracts was a game-changer. This was achieved through the use of technologies like SGX (Software Guard Extensions) and ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proofs), which ensured the integrity and privacy of data being processed.

  • SGX and ZKP: By supporting SGX and ZKP, Phat Contract provided a robust solution for verifying off-chain computations and data in a privacy-preserving manner. This was crucial for applications requiring the highest levels of security and confidentiality.
  • Dynamic Oracle Support: The platform's support for dynamic oracles further enhanced its capability to bring real-world data into the blockchain environment securely and reliably. This allowed for more responsive and adaptable dApps that could leverage timely and accurate information from various sources.

The legacy of Phat Contract is a testament to Phala Network's commitment to innovation and its vision for a more open, connected, and functional Web3 ecosystem. By addressing critical challenges and offering practical solutions, Phat Contract paved the way for its successor, Agent Contract, to take the integration of AI and blockchain to new heights. As we look to the future, the foundations laid by Phat Contract will undoubtedly continue to influence the development and adoption of blockchain technology across a wide range of applications.

2. Introducing AI-Agent Contract: A New Chapter for AI in Web3

Phala Network's evolution from Phat Contract to AI-Agent Contract marks a deliberate move towards a deeper integration of AI with blockchain technology. This evolution is not just about changing names; it represents a significant upgrade designed to unlock AI's full potential within the Web3 ecosystem. AI-Agent Contract is envisioned as a platform where developers and AI users can collaboratively create, own, and monetize AI agents, fostering an era of enhanced innovation and utility in blockchain applications. Let’s explore the concept, objectives, and key benefits of AI-Agent Contract in more detail.

2.1 Building on the Foundation of Phat Contract

Phat Contract provided a solid foundation with its robust coprocessor platform, enabling smart contracts to access, processes and use data in a secure state. AI-Agent Contract takes this foundation to the next level by focusing specifically on AI-driven use cases. This strategic focus on AI represents a natural evolution in blockchain technology, responding to the increasing demand for more intelligent, autonomous applications within the Web3 domain.

2.2 Core Objectives of AI-Agent Contract

The development of AI-Agent Contract is motivated by several objectives aimed at overcoming current limitations within the blockchain ecosystem:

  • Facilitating AI Integration: It aims to enable the seamless integration of AI technologies with blockchain applications, leading to the development of more intelligent, data-driven functionalities.
  • Decentralizing Ownership and Monetization: It empowers developers and AI practitioners with the tools to own and monetize their AI agents, promoting a decentralized ecosystem filled with AI innovations.
  • Expanding Application Scope: It seeks to broaden the range of blockchain applications by incorporating AI-driven services, which include data analysis, decision-making processes, and autonomous agents that interact within and across blockchain networks.

2.3 Distinguishing Features of AI-Agent Contract

AI-Agent Contract brings forth several innovative features that set it apart from its predecessor and other blockchain platforms:

  • AI-Centric Approach: Designed with AI use cases in mind, AI-Agent Contract serves as an AI coprocessor for blockchain networks, facilitating the development of smarter and more responsive dApps.
  • Modularity and Interoperability: It encourages the creation of modular AI agents capable of easy interaction and collaboration, crucial for developing complex systems capable of a wide array of tasks.
  • Decentralized Marketplace: Envisioning a decentralized marketplace where AI agents can be traded and utilized by the community, democratizing access to AI technologies and incentivizing innovation.
  • Secure and Trustless Interactions: Utilizing Phala Network’s privacy-preserving technologies, AI-Agent Contract ensures that AI agents and blockchain applications can interact in a secure, private, and trustless manner.

2.4 Empowering the Web3 Community with AI

The upgrade to AI-Agent Contract is a strategic initiative to empower the Web3 community by tapping into AI’s transformative potential. By offering a platform where AI can be developed, deployed, and monetized in a decentralized fashion, AI-Agent Contract aims to:

  • Unlock New Capabilities: It enables the creation of dApps capable of analyzing data, making autonomous decisions, and interacting with users and other applications in more advanced ways.
  • Foster Adoption and Innovation: It reduces barriers for integrating AI into blockchain applications, encouraging a wider range of developers and AI practitioners to explore and innovate within the Web3 space.
  • Improve User Experience: It aims to enhance the overall user experience by providing more intelligent, efficient, and personalized services, thereby expanding the appeal and utility of blockchain applications.

The launch of AI-Agent Contract signals a significant moment for Phala Network and the wider Web3 ecosystem. By focusing on AI use cases and offering a collaborative platform for AI agent creation, ownership, and monetization, AI-Agent Contract is set to revolutionize our engagement with blockchain technologies. As we embark on this journey, the possibilities for innovation and collaboration are vast, with the potential to push the boundaries of what blockchain applications can achieve.

3. AI-Agent Contract Roadmap: Charting the Path Forward

With the official unveiling of AI-Agent Contract, stepping beyond the era of Phat Contract, we're embarking on a journey marked by high aspirations and strategic goals. Our roadmap is a testament to our commitment to progress, encompassing:

  • Community Ownership and Tokenomics: The establishment of an AI-Agent launchpad to delve into community ownership and the dynamics of tokenomics.
  • Integration and Partnerships: The integration of an expanded array of Web3 services, along with forging partnerships with innovative platforms such as Olas, Polywrap, and Ritual.
  • AI Model Integration and GPU Expansion: A commitment to broadening our technological horizons, including the expansion of model and GPU capabilities, integrating Large Language Models (LLM) with Web3, and the anticipated release of Phala Whitepaper 2.0.

This roadmap not only signifies our commitment to ongoing innovation and deepening community ties but also underscores our dedication to enhancing the capabilities and reach of the Phala Network ecosystem.

To wrap up, the introduction of AI-Agent Contract represents a significant step in the integration of Web3 and artificial intelligence. Through addressing the pressing needs, delivering inventive solutions, and outlining a future vision, Phala Network is at the helm, steering towards a smarter, more secure, and user-centric Web3 landscape. Keep an eye on our updates as we move forward on this thrilling journey together.

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