Phala Monthly Newsletter: November 2023

Phala Monthly Newsletter: November 2023


1) Top News:

Product Unveiling: Introducing #inDEX

We unveiled #inDEX, an innovative cross-chain, intent-centric infrastructure currently in beta. Powered by Phat Contract, it optimises cross-chain trading while ensuring maximum extractable value (MEV) protection and preserving user privacy.

By integrating Phat Contract into inDEX, Phala has established its first trustless intent execution layer, opening new avenues for Phat Contract and off-chain computation in intent-based solutions. Learn more here.

2) Product Updates:

Empowering Developers with Phat Contract 2.0

Our Tech Evangelism Director, Joshua, highlighted our documentation, a rich source for mastering Phat Contract 2.0's JavaScript syntax. It's a key to efficient cross-chain development. Dive into our resources here.

Changelog - A Glimpse into Our Evolving Tech

We've updated our changelog with several new entries, including @phala/fn updates, JSSDK 0.5.6 release, and more. These updates provide a deep dive into our latest technical advancements. Get the full details in our changelog.

Missed Our Phat Contract 2.0 Live Demo? Catch Up Here!

Our second live event for the Phat Contract 2.0 launch featured a demo that highlighted its powerful capabilities. It showcased how Phat Contracts 2.0 is already powering innovative dApps from our new partners like Zurf Social, Huddle01, and Airstack_xyz.

3) Growth Updates:

Phala's Stint at @EFDevconnect

Our team’s participation at the @EFDevconnect conference was enlightening. We’ve compiled all the essential highlights and insights for you. Check out our conference recap.

PHA’s New Frontier on @polkadex

Unanimously approved by the Polkadex community, $PHA's listing on the Polkadex Orderbook is the platform's first democratic and decentralized listing. This decision, following Polkadex referendum #8, sets a new standard for future listings and brings high-frequency trading and CEX-like features to the PHA/USDT market.

Phala Co-Founder Marvin Tong also joined Polkadex to delve deeper into this integration. Discussing Phala's expertise in secure off-chain computation for Web3, and its crucial role in driving Web3 adoption and eventually AI integration. Listen to the recording below.

Expanding Our Trading Horizons

Exciting news as the HydraDX Council Motion #112 passed, adding #PHA as a tradable asset within the Omnipool. More information coming soon! Read about the proposal.

4) Content:

#PhatUpdates - Simplifying Phat Contract

Catch up with the latest in Phat Contracts through our new adhoc X thread series, #PhatUpdates. The first edition is out, offering straightforward and insightful content. Dive into #PhatUpdates.

A Developer's Guide to Phat Contracts

Joshua presented a full journey walkthrough using our Phat Contract Starter Kit, a helpful resource for connecting any API to your smart contract.Explore the developer's guide for more details.

Exploring Use Cases and Partnerships

We've published five insightful blogs highlighting various use cases of Phat Contract, including dynamic NFTs and our partnerships

1) Dynamic NFT: Web3 Game Changer

2) Advancing Web3 Social Infrastructure: Phala & Airstack Celebrate Partnership

3) Phat Contract 2.0 Use Cases: D_D Hackathon Recap

4) Guide: Dynamic NFT Based on Local Weather

5) Guide: Dynamic NFTs That Evolve

6) Guide: Dynamic NFTs & Web3 Social Progression Games

5) Community:

Lensholic covered our Phat Contract 2.0 launch and our exciting new partnerships, all of which are building with Phat Contract. Check out their perspective on it with their X thread 🌿

The Kusamarian Perspective

The Kusamarian provided insights into how #PhatContract proposes an effective framework to bridge on-chain NFTs with off-chain dynamics. Read their analysis.

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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