Phala Monthly Newsletter: September 2023


Top News:

Phat Milestones: Celebrating Our 100th Phat Contract

The Phala Network mainnet now boasts 50 Brick Profiles. In another significant achievement, we marked the deployment of our 100th Phat Contract. Cheers to continued growth! 🎉

Introducing the Enhanced LensAPI Oracle

The LensAPI Oracle has not only been upgraded for Lens V2 but it also underwent a comprehensive architectural restructuring. This paves the way for a myriad of new opportunities. Dive deeper into the specifics here 🌿

In the past, Lens V2 on-chain contracts had difficulty accessing off-chain Momoka data. This limitation is no longer an issue. In the demo that follows, Phala Network's Co-Founder, Hang, highlights the enhancements brought by the updated LensAPI Oracle.

As we celebrate our advancements with the LensAPI Oracle, it's not just our team taking notice. Stani, the esteemed founder of LensProtocol, hailed our upgrade. In his words, it's "huge.”

A Successful Close: Phala Network's Two-Part Hackathon

With a total of 31 remarkable submissions, we concluded our vibrant hackathon series with Developer DAO. Below are three diverse use cases of Phat Contract in action:

  1. SafeShift: A content-sharing platform emphasising safety and blocking NSFW.
  1. Lens Phite V2: An on-chain game allowing players to compete based on their Lens Protocol stats.
  1. Skybet: An interactive crypto betting platform where enthusiasts can test predictions and earn rewards

For an in-depth look at the results of the second hackathon-Phat Functions, click here. Stay tuned - a detailed blog post will soon be available!

ETHGlobal New York: Introducing 'Smol Ask'

At the ETHGlobal New York hackathon, Phala Network unveiled "Smol Ask," an intent-centric platform on Lens V2. Users can specify their needs using predefined actions, making them visible to the community. An off-chain intent pool further ranks and fine-tunes these requests. Dive deeper here.


Phala X Polygon: AMA Sessions Across the US:

On the recent leg of the DevX Global Tour, focusing on the Americas, the Phala Network team was in full swing. Collaborating with Polygon, we hosted 10 insightful, Phat Contract 2.0 focused AMAs which took place in prominent US cities, including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Boston.

Kudos to John and Gabe, our esteemed ambassadors from our Portuguese community. They skilfully showcased Phat Contract's strengths during the DevXGlobal Tour in South America: Buenos Aires and Rio 🏆

Berlin Block Chain Week:

Our VP of Growth, Zoe, spoke at both Dappcon Berlin and the 'Blockchain in Use Conference'. We collaborated with DIA data, LI.FI, and WebZero, ending with a notable appearance at 'Polygon Connect'. The week underscored our commitment to community and industry engagement.


Bear market achievements:

We shared 3 fun and notable facts about what Phala has achieved during this bear market 🧸

  1. Over 51% of PHA is currently staked - source.

  1. Phala Network's on-chain treasury funds surpassed those of Kusama Network, positioning us as the second-largest DAO in the Polkadot ecosystem - source.

  1. Over 100 Phat Contracts have been deployed on Phala Network. Congratulations to all builders on reaching this significant milestone - source.


1) Crypto trading bot - We delved into an innovative theoretical application for Phat Contract, showcasing its potential to revolutionise crypto trading bots on Telegram.

2) Friend Tech - Drawing from our forefront position in web3 social, our latest research casts light on groundbreaking shifts in social dynamics. With Friend Tech, personal ties meet financial significance, setting the tone for next-gen Web3 social interplay.


We launched our analytics page, offering a comprehensive view of compute statistics. You can view it here.


Our fren Lensholic, a top news outlet for Lens Protocol, highlighted Phala Network's unique contribution to the #LensVerse via the LensAPI Oracle. See the details here.

Polkadot Insider highlighted that in September, Phala Network not only led in signed intrinsics but also topped the chart with the highest code commits on two seperate occasions among all Parachain projects.


Check out the full lists of both our governance Referenda and Treasury pages.

💫 Treasury Proposals:

#86: Dwellir - Phala & Khala Public RPC Endpoint Services (Q4 2023)

#85: SubQuery Managed Service Solution (Q3, 2023)

#84: OnFinality High Performance Public Infrastructure (Q3 & Q4 2023)

💫 Referenda Proposals:

#113: Khala Runtime Upgrade v1253

#112: Khala Runtime Upgrade v1252

About Phala

Phala Network is a decentralized cloud that offers secure and scalable computing for Web3.

With Phat Contracts, an innovative programming model enabling trustless off-chain computation, developers can create new Web3 use cases.

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