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Dear PhalaWorld Community,

As many of you are aware, our journey so far has taken us into the exciting worlds of the Metaverse and Dynamic NFTs. Today, we’re thrilled to share CypherMod, an exciting new direction that we are also currently exploring - constructing your very own AI soul!

The connection between CypherMod and the originally planned direction is as follows: the original direction is our main story narrative, while the current AI+NFT direction is a brave new chapter in our narrative - a subplot making our story more multifaceted. The original plan has not been abandoned or altered, but rather, it's been enriched with a series of diverse and adventurous branches.

We will also expand around creating an open-world experience. Open world in this context means a space where everyone can be simultaneously online and engage with each other. Games may serve as one of the interactive mediums within this environment. We aim to expand and enhance the functionality of this world by focusing on real-time online interactions and engagement.

Are we merely riding the AI wave? No. We aim to provide real value and address the following common issues:

  • Tired of generic digital avatars that offer no more than visual representation?
  • Ever used GPT or any Autonomous Agent, investing many hours to make it more user-friendly, only to feel your time was eventually forgotten or wasted?
  • Do you desire to truly own and share your AI and have it become your metaverse alter ego, like Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

In order to realize this newfound direction, the PhalaWorld team is undergoing a transformation. We sincerely apologize for our period of silence during this shift. Behind the silence, The PhalaWorld team has rallied behind Phala's recent triumphs, channeling considerable efforts into advancing Phat Contract. We've been diligently trying to blend the robust capabilities of Phat Contract seamlessly with the PhalaWorld initiative, envisioning an even more thrilling future.

CypherMod, seeks to marry NFTs with AI capabilities, redefining the ways we interact with AI and NFTs. We call this fusion: "Infusing your NFT with an AI soul."

Envision this: Your NFTs can boast unique personalities, teeming with life and vitality. Their personalities can be derived from their metadata; they'll possess an understanding of their origins, the world they hail from, and the stories they carry. And of course, you can tailor your companions using our extensive array of personality templates. But it's not just about virtual personalities—guided by customized instructions, we can empower each NFT with utility, transforming them into advanced personal agents in the realm of Web3.

We firmly believe that these intelligent NFTs will revolutionize users' digital experiences and unlock boundless opportunities within the Web3 domain. Given the burgeoning growth of AI capabilities, we believe its use has become a necessity for users. Integrating it with NFTs opens up many previously non-existent use scenarios.

Throughout this period, we've been relentlessly exploring some exciting avenues:

  • AI-infused Virtual Persona NFTs: Through metadata ingrained in NFTs, we can imbue them with life, crafting a unique and charismatic personality. You can also use our wide-ranging personality prompts to customize the character of your NFT. Your NFT could evolve into a friend, or even a sensation in the web3 world.
  • Customizable instruction prompts: NFT owners can embed AI tools (like ChatGPT) into their NFTs, incorporating a multitude of customizable, practical utility settings. Sharing this NFT-GPT robot allows others to integrate it as part of their community, transforming it into a valuable asset.
  • AI Agent creation supporting multiple Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT, offers diversity, redundancy, and decentralised benefits.
  • Genuinely owning AI programs and models through NFT
    • NFT owners have the liberty to create, upgrade, modify, and steer the AI Agent's program, model, and data.
    • AI's capabilities will solely follow the NFT owner.
  • AI Town: In this embryonic metropolis crafted by us, NFTs can simultaneously chat online, while the metropolis expands and evolves subtly in the backdrop.
  • Traceability: Can NFTs endowed with AI abilities be assembled into a new NFT for sale? Will the incessantly developing AI functionalities escalate the value of the original NFT? Is there a prospect for an AI-managed trading market? We’d love for you to share your thoughts.
  • Growth and Scalability: As NFTs achieve practicality and communicative traits, the boundaries of its applications are certain to break, significantly escalating its playability. As these vibrant NFTs converge, a new world is destined to manifest. Perhaps, you envision the same future.

When is the launch?

  • We're committed to setting realistic expectations and don't intend to promise something we cannot deliver. We warmly invite you to join us on exploring this potential new transformative journey and share your input.
  • Not fond of this new direction? We value the feedback of every PhalaWorld community member and welcome all thoughts. Your voice makes us better and will help to shape the future of PhalaWorld.

PhalaWorld is committed to reshaping the NFT landscape, infusing life and utility into your digital assets. We are committed to transforming and improving how we communicate with our users, including using blogs to promptly share minor and major updates about our team's progress as-well as sharing informative technological demos.

Let's dive deeper into the conversation:

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