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Connect your smart contract anywhere

No matter if your smart contracts are on Ethereum or Substrate, our universal compatibility ensures connection flexibility like never before, enabling your smart contracts to access a wide range of features regardless of the blockchain they are hosted on. Phala’s Phat Contracts make it possible to extend the capabilities of your smart contracts without the need for a bridge or an extra layer.

Seamless access to the Internet

Phala Network doesn’t just offer unparalleled on-chain connectivity; it also bridges the gap between the off-chain world and smart contracts. The ability to send HTTP/HTTPS requests directly from your smart contracts is now at your fingertips. Take your dApp to the next level by integrating cutting-edge Web3 protocols and various Web2 API, creating a perfect fusion of old and new, on-chain and off-chain.

Advanced flexibility and performance

By offloading the computation off-chain, you don’t have to worry about costly transaction fees or network latency that hinders your progress. Experience real-time, off-chain computation at its finest, allowing you to focus on enhancing your dApp’s functionality and user experience. Run arbitrarily complex logic without any constraints, all at an affordable cost.

Computation is always verifiable

Phala Network is designed with multiple layers of security guarantees to provide fully verifiable computation. The network is backed by numerous decentralized workers and a significant amount of staked tokens. Phat Contracts are protected by both hardware Secure Enclaves and cryptographic evidence published and verified on the Phala blockchain, seamlessly extending blockchain-level security to the off-chain realm.




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Discover the perfect solution for your needs with our marketplace of blueprints. These community-contributed, ready-to-deploy blueprints offer a quick way to integrate off-chain capabilities into your smart contracts.

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LensAPI Oracle
  • Polygon
  • EVM
  • Lens
Deploy a custom social oracle to integrate LensAPI data into your smart contracts, providing access to user profile statistics such as followers, posts, comments, and post metrics like collections, mirrors, and replies.

Lens Social Sync Bot

  • Lens
  • Twitter
Effortlessly sync your social media content across Twitter, Facebook, and more with this easy-to-deploy bot that automatically mirrors your posts to your Lens profile in minutes.

Referral Oracle

  • Ethereum
  • EVM
  • Substrate
  • Lens
Deploy a referral system pluggable into your Dapp in minutes, boost your reachability. Utilize the SDK to generate referral links for your audience and monitor user traffic. Easily integrates with blockchain accounts and Lens profiles, with data queryable by monetization smart contracts.

The Graph Oracle

  • The Graph
  • Ethereum
  • Substrate
  • EVM
Deploy your custom oracle for instant access to all the Subgraphs from The Graph protocol, enabling multi-chain data retrieval and aggregation in your smart contracts.

Conditional Gated Data

  • Ethereum
  • EVM
  • Substrate
  • IPFS
  • Arweave
Deploy a customized token gate or conditional decryption gateway to manage access to your on-chain or off-chain data. Facilitate secure data sharing on decentralized social, exclusive NFT content, and more.

On-chain ChatGPT Agent

  • AI
  • Ethereum
  • EVM
  • Substrate
Integrate your smart contract with a customized ChatGPT oracle for intelligent automation. Monitor blockchain events and initiate user-driven actions, create content on decentralized social platforms, and unlock more automated capabilities.
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Access the unique functionalities of Phat Contract

// Send HTTP(s) requests from your Phat Contract let headers = vec![("X-Foo".into(), "Bar".into())]; let response = http_get!("", headers); assert_eq!(response.status_code, 200);
  • Cross-chain DEX aggregator
  • Self-owned Oracles
  • Contract Controlled Web2 Service
  • $50K
    for innovators
Cross-chain DEX aggregator

Cross-chain DEX aggregator

  • Cross-Chain Integration
  • Automation
  • HTTP Request

By utilizing Phat Contract, developers can create a cross-chain DEX aggregator that enables users to swap tokens between various blockchains while ensuring the best possible price and minimal slippage in one-click.

This solution employs Phat Contract to automatically search for the most efficient routes across DEXs and bridges. Then the Phat Contract initiates the necessary transactions on the target blockchains, executing swap and bridge operations on the user’s behalf. Transaction execution is further streamlined by automated schedulers and monitoring by indexers. To retrieve the status of these transactions, developers can query the indexers through HTTP requests.

  • Hang
  • Zoe
  • Dan
  • Shelven

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Phat Contracts are deployed to the blockchain and assigned to the off-chain workers, running inside Secure Enclaves. Anyone can check the signed transactions and Secure Enclave remote attestation to verify that the executed code is the one published on the blockchain.

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